Texas Hot Links

How to make Texas-style hot links sausage at home. Hot links are spicy and smoked, and can be pork, beef or both. I'm using pork and venison here.

Chanterelle Pasta

A fun, summertime recipe for chanterelle pasta: Pasta with chanterelle mushrooms, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and basil. You could use other mushrooms, too, found or bought.

Fried Walleye

Fried walleye is a classic for a reason: Crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside. The method here is buttermilk fried fish, and it works with all firm, white fish.

Potato Fish Cakes

How to make the best potato fish cakes. Potato fish cakes are the "other" style of fish cake. No breadcrumbs here. Any flaky fish works, freshwater or salt.

Venison Casserole

My take on venison casserole is, more or less, baked ziti, a classic Italian American dish. Ground venison, sausage, pasta, cheese and tomatoes. What's not to love?

Pickled Fennel

Pickled fennel is awesome alongside poultry or fish, or with salami. This is a sweet-sour pickle with a hint of vanilla - surprisingly good with fennel bulbs.

Venison Sausage with Sage

Venison sausage with sage is a recipe I designed a long time ago, after returning from a deer hunting trip…

Turkey Schnitzel

Turkey schnitzel, or turkey cutlets, are easy to make, delicious, and versatile - change the sauce and you change the vibe. Here's how to cook them.

Pheasant Sausage

It is not uncommon to come home with enough pheasants to make pheasant sausage, especially if you hunt pen-raised birds.…

Nettle Risotto

Stinging nettle risotto rocks. It is the essence of “green,” and is super healthy, too. What’s more, blanched nettles will…

Garlic Sausage with Basil

There is nothing exotic or unusual about this garlic sausage, except maybe that I am using venison along with the…

How to Smoke Shad

If you don’t know how to debone a shad, and that’s not easy, smoked shad is the best way to…