Rhubarb Syrup

How to make rhubarb syrup, which is fantastic on pancakes, in soft drinks or cocktails, or as a glaze for chicken or other poultry.

How to Make Chipotles

How to make chipotles at home. You need ripe jalapenos, a smoker, and time. They're easy to make, and store well.

Hunt Gather Talk: Basic Cheesemaking

I talk with Claudia Lucero of Urban Cheesecraft in Portland on how to make basic cheeses with little or no special equipment. It's a total geek out session!

Hunt Gather Talk: Sandor Katz!

This episode about fermentation is with one of the legends of the practice, Sandor Katz. We dive deep into the word of ferments in this talk.

Hunt Gather Talk: Pressure Canning

A podcast explaining all about pressure canning, with expert Cathy Barrow. We discuss myths, dispel fears and talk about our favorite projects.

Venison Salami

How to make venison salami at home. This is a basic salami recipe, but dry curing sausage requires some skill before you try it. I'll show you how.

Hunt Gather Talk: Salt Fish

This episode is a conversation about salting fish, especially salt cod, with Newfoundlander Lori McCarthy of Food Culture Place.

Dry Aging: How and Why

How to dry age meat, specifically venison, at home, and why you would want to give it a go.

Spicy Pickled Okra

How to make spicy pickled okra. Pickling okra is easy, but there are a few tips to make sure your pickles are crunchy.

Pickled Fennel

Pickled fennel is awesome alongside poultry or fish, or with salami. This is a sweet-sour pickle with a hint of vanilla - surprisingly good with fennel bulbs.

Pickled Grape Leaves

Pickled grape leaves sound odd, but they are the preserved grape leaves you use for various Mediterranean dishes, like dolmades,…