Venison Shepherd’s Pie

This ain't the old school lunch lady shepherd's pie. This venison shepherds pie is a lush, comfy version of the classic, made with ground venison.

Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic

This is a simple roasted mushroom recipe that works with any meaty mushroom, from porcini to shiitake to regular button mushrooms.

Green Chile Elk Burger

Green chile elk burgers made in the classic Southwest style. Simple elk (or deer, pronghorn or beef) patties topped with roasted green chiles, cheese and the normal fixins'.

Smoked Salmon Tacos

Smoked salmon tacos aren't a thing in Mexico, but smoked marlin tacos are, and that's what these are modeled after. Easy, quick and tasty.

Canned Venison

Canned venison is handy to have in your pantry, whether it's plain canned venison or in stews and pasta sauces. Here's how to go about it.

Roast Chukar

This is a lovely, simple chukar recipe for roast chukar, brined overnight to keep it juicy. This same recipe works…

Smoked Venison Jerky

How to make smoked venison jerky at home. Slow smoking strips of deer meat until mostly dried and chewy is a great way to make venison jerky.

Venison Summer Sausage

My recipe for old school style venison summer sausage, where you dry age the sausages so they can keep for months in the fridge.

Venison Bratwurst

My recipe for smoked venison bratwurst, made like the red bratwurst from State Street Brats in Madison, Wisconsin. Even if you don't like the Badgers, you'll like these links.

Dove Teriyaki

Dove teriyaki is one of those can’t-miss options when you are grilling doves in September. Teriyaki is a great dove…

Venison Meatballs

My favorite venison meatballs recipe, done in the classic New Jersey Italian-American style. Big ole' venison meatballs served with spaghetti.

Cherry Tomato Confit

How to make and use cherry tomato confit: slow roasted cherry tomatoes with olive oil and garlic. Great with pasta, polenta and on toast.