Public Events

Photo by Hank Shaw

I am on the road all year in 2023, so chances are I will be near you at some point.

Not everywhere will have public events, but if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know where I’ve parked my car for the night/week/month.

Most of my public events will be a part of the “Cooking with Friends” series I’ll be doing over the course of the year. A few events are already inked.

Kansas City Taco Night

May 18

Kansas City, MO

I’ll be returning to Yoli Tortilleria for a Sonoran themed taco party, teaming up with owner Marisa Gencarelli and Chef Rachel Rinas. I’m still working on the menu, but the deal will be like last time: Just show up and eat tacos, which Rachel and I will be slinging as fast as we can!

kansas city Pop Up

May 21

Kansas City, MO

At this dinner, I will take a back seat to Chef Rachel Rinas, helping her at her pop up, which will be at The Russell on Main. This will be a Sunday Supper, starting late afternoon. Details to come.

Bozeman Pop Up


Bozeman, MT

Stay tuned for this one. The plan is to do a special dinner in town at Jarrett Wrisley’s new Thai restaurant.

Duluth dinner


Duloot, MN

Stay tuned for this one. The plan is to do a special dinner with my friends Ryan Nitsche and Nick Weinhandl, the “Fargo Boys” who made their name at the Hotel Donaldson years ago. They both have their own restaurants now, and I can’t wait to cook with them!