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Fresh Sausage Recipes

bangers sausage recipe

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Fresh sausages are not exactly cured meat, but they are part of a salami-maker’s repertoire; you can’t make salami if you can’t first make fresh sausages. Below are an eclectic list of sausages made with both wild game and domestic meats, mostly lamb and pork in that case.

Why make your own? Control. You can add or subtract anything you’d like, adjust how coarse or fine the sausage is, make them skinny or fat, long or short, spicy or sweet. A well-made sausage is a symphony in a link, needing nothing more than a simple accompaniment to play harmony.

Note that while I am categorizing these sausages by what meat is in them, understand that you can mix and match. There is no reason you cannot use my recipe for venison sausage with porcini and sage and substitute duck or pork.


If you’ve never made sausage before, I wrote a basic tutorial on how to make sausages at home on my friend Elise’s site Simply Recipes. Start there.

Venison, Beef, Lamb or Goat

Keep in mind that when I say “venison,” I am lumping in deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, etc…

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Venison Sausages with Sage

One of my go-to venison recipes, this is a perfect recipe for a sausage made in late fall or early winter. You can use any variety of sage, and dried porcini work just as well as fresh.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Homemade British Bangers

My take on a traditional British banger sausage, made like a Gloucester style sausage. I use venison here, but pork is traditional.
Photo by Hank Shaw

Venison Merguez Sausages

This is the classic North African sausage, normally done with all lamb – casings, too. Here I go with all venison, plus sheep casings. This is a spicy sausage great for grilling.

Antelope Longaniza

A longaniza sausage is a Spanish style with lots of paprika and rosemary.

Sage and Juniper Venison Sausage

I designed this recipe after deer hunting on Catalina Island, where there is lots of wild sage and juniper growing all over the place. This makes a pretty classic “hunter’s style” venison link.

Thessaly Greek Sausage

This is a recipe from Greece, normally done with lamb. It’s flavored with cumin, chile, oregano, red wine and allspice.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Andouille Sausage Links, Cajun Style

A Cajun classic, you can use any meat. This one is spicy and smoked. A must for any Creole or Cajun gumbo, jambalaya or etouffee.

Venison Sausages with Basil and Garlic

Make this venison sausage in the summertime. Lots of fresh basil and garlic make it a great recipe for summer grilling.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Venison Sausage with Bay and Garlic

Bay leaves are the main flavor here. I love them, and if you get good ones, they smell floral and sweet. This sausage is good any time of year.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Greek Loukaniko Sausage

The quintessential Greek sausage, it has many variations. Mine is an amalgam of several classic styles.

Moroccan Lamb Merguez Sausages, works with venison, goat or antelope (my recipe hosted on Food & Wine magazine’s site)

Wild Boar or Pork

If you have bear meat, these recipes would fit well here.

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Sweet Italian Sausage

This is the classic, the basic sweet Italian sausage we all know and love. I normally make this with wild pig, but really any meat will do.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Polska Kielbasa

Traditional, smoked Polish kielbasa, made with lots of garlic and a little marjoram.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Portuguese Linguica Sausages

The essential Portuguese sausage, it is to Portuguese cooking what Andouille is to Cajun cooking. It’s a spicy link with lots of paprika and garlic. My version is smoked.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Cajun Boudin Sausage

Louisiana style boudin sausage, which is more like a meat stuffing with rice in a casing than a regular sausage. Damn good eaten on crackers with Creole mustard!
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

South African Boerewors

A traditional South African link made with a mix of pork and beef (or wild game) and flavored aggressively with coriander and other spices. I first learned of this sausage under, well, extreme circumstances.
Photo by Hank Shaw

Herbed Wild Boar Sausages

A regular ole’ sausage link gussied up with lots of fresh herbs — enough to make the links look kinda green.

Morcilla, Sanguinaccio, Boudin Noir

Blood Sausage. Yep, the real deal. My recipe is inspired by Portuguese morcilla, but it is a combination pork meat-pork blood sausage; many blood sausages only have blood, no meat.

Hmong Sausage with Wild Boar

There is a strong sausage-making tradition in Southeast Asia, and unlike the smooth Vietnames sausages, the Hmong sausages are coarse and rustic. I prefer them. These are flavored with ginger, chiles and cilantro.

Mazzafegati — Italian Liver Sausages

An Italian sausage from Umbria that mixes liver and pork meat. This is my favorite thing to do with wild boar liver, which can be strong-tasting otherwise. In this sausage, flavored with oranges, the liver is barely noticable.
Photo by Hank Shaw

Mexican Chorizo

A spicier, softer version of Spanish chorizo, this is my version of the Mexican standard.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Crepinettes with Wild Boar

Crepinettes are a French thing: Loose sausage meat wrapped in caul fat, and then fried or grilled.

Duck, Goose, Turkey and Other Poultry

I mostly make duck and goose sausages, but you’ll find a few turkey sausage recipes here, as well as those using chicken and pheasant.

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Homemade Sheboygan Brats

Yep, this is the “white brat” you eat in Wisconsin while watching sports or drinking beer. I made this with wild turkey, but any white meat will work.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Goose Bockwurst

A traditional German-American sausage meant to be poached in bock beer and eaten with potatoes, kraut, and more beer. You can use pretty much any meat if you don’t have goose.

Duck L’Orange Sausages

Imagine all the flavors of classic duck l’orange – sweet, savory, spicy, orangey – in a sausage link, and that’s what you have here.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Duck Sausages, Hunter’s Style

My go-to sausage for wild ducks, these links are flavored with sage, juniper and a little Chinese Five-Spice powder.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Polish Duck Sausages

A great Eastern European style sausage that begs to be simmered in beer and sauerkraut.
Photo by Hank Shaw

Toulouse Style Duck or Goose Sausage

A simple French recipe I do with duck, it’s flavored with garlic, nutmeg and black pepper. Use this recipe when you are planning to make cassoulet.

Smoked Canada Goose Sausage

An oldie but a goody. I designed this sausage back in 2007, and it’s served me well ever since. This is a German-style smoked link.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Duck or Goose Mortadella Sausage

Mortadella is what baloney thinks about when it dreams at night. This is not an easy recipe, but if you’ve been making sausages for a while, give this a go. You will not be disappointed.
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Duck Hot Dogs

Yep, duck hot dogs. They’re awesome. Trust me.

Pheasant Sausages

A simple sausage for chicken or pheasant, flavored with oregano and garlic.

Provencal Style Chicken Sausages, also good with pheasant or turkey (my recipe hosted on Food & Wine magazine’s site)

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  4. nikki from mars

    Just got a new Kenwood with various attachments, and made my first ever batch of sausages. We got some turkey mince and Peri peri humous reduced from our local Tesco. Just added some breadcrumbs and a bit of seasoning a tiny bit of cheese we had lying around and half a glass of red wine and made sausages, and they were really nice. Iv’e got some nice pork to make the next batch. So much easier than I would have expected though apart from managing to burst the collagen casings we were using… Very rude comments made at this point. Collagen casings although maybe easier to handle than more natural ones are a bit on the flimsy side… Ordering some natural ones v soon.

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  7. KC

    I’ve been studying your wisdom and recipes for months! I plan to make and serve your venison sausages at my September wedding next year, but with deer season opening this November and the wedding falling in 10 months later, I’ve run into a fresh vs frozen conundrum! As you advise against using frozen meat if the plan is to later freeze the sausages, what is your advice on keeping the sausages as fresh and freezer-burn-free as possible? Thank you!

  8. Deb

    I had a home made sausage many years ago (30 or so) that was made from precooked beef or pork. It was finely diced first. Very little fat. The family also made the best pierogis. I havent had anything close to this sausage. It has stayed in my mind and my daughters. No one I ask have ever heard of this sausage. Anyone have any ideas what it was? I would love to make it.

  9. Nicole

    Hi Hank! I’m going to attempt sausage making for the first time tomorrow. I’d like to make breakfast sausages for my family. Store bought ones are too much of a mystery for me! Could you share your favourite spice combo? Also, would you do a fine grind on the meat? BTW, as a master pastry maker, I completely get your reference about keeping meat/equipment cold! Thanks for that! ~Nicole

  10. Gordon Mayer

    Hi Hank,

    I like fresh sausage that has been smoked, like your smoked Linguica (where you add InstaCure #1, and smoke at a relatively low temp, like 130º–then freeze the sausages and cook them when you want to use them). Can you do that to any fresh sausage, such as your Sweet Italian? If so, what is the rule for the amount of InstaCure to add?



  11. James Barlow

    Just made a batch of the Mexican Chorizo with hog. Best Chorizo recipe yet. I’m going to adapt it to a dry cure salami as I did with a marguez recipe.
    Also did your German and Sichuan bacon. Great, especially the German. Thanks.
    Sorry I missed you on your Seattle book tour. Held up on job site. I hope you come back hear some time. I’d like to share some charcuterie. I make lots of variety and experiment. My new favorite is a bovine tongue bresaola. Fantastic!

  12. jglover

    Hank, I messaged you earlier this year with regards to my deer freezing before i got a chance to butcher it. I used a reciprocating saw to cut the meat into 5-10 pound section so I could take it out when I needed to make sausage. I’ve been making 10-20 lbs of fresh sausage, vacume sealing them and freezing them all winter. What the risk, besides the quality, of refreezing the meat? Note that I dont let the meat completely thaw before grinding.

  13. Andrew B

    How about a type of sausage that can be made from bear meat. I don’t typically hunt bear because I’m not sure what to do with the meat.

  14. Bizco

    Hey Hank!
    Have you ever tried to make French-Caribbean Chaurice? It’s garlicky and spicy, in that order.

  15. Mimi

    How about TURDUCKEN sausage, mixed with a bread, celery, onion mixture. Holiday in a casing. YUM.

  16. Mike ascher

    I don’t see a Hungarian sausage, neither hot nor mild, here. Pork, red with paprika, smoked & hung to dry & age. Done in a thin casing.

    While your at it you must make a liver sausage. After butchering for the Hungarian sausage we’d cook the bones in a stock so that it was easier to get all of the meat off of the bones. And then cook the liver & kidneys. All of that ground rather coarse along with onion & garlic, mix in some of the Hungarian sausage meat, stock added as needed. Then stuffed into a thick casing for long, straight sausages lightly smoked.

  17. Kevin M

    One of my neighbors just started raising rabbits for meat. They are very lean. I’d like to see some creative recipes for fresh rabbit and pork sausages with an Italian of Spanish influence. Thanks!

  18. Gregory rohs

    Rattle snake.

  19. Gregory rohs

    Mushroom gratin

  20. Herbert Arce

    Hi! I did not notice anything with moose. I make a sweet italian susage, and breakfast sausage using moose. My kids (my oldest son especially), who normally turn their noses at whatever Dad kills, love both. Would really love to see different types.

  21. Sam Elson

    How about a Thia or curry influenced sausage.

  22. Kelly

    I live in the northwest. I have not found a good recipe for a SEAFOOD SAUSAGE link.
    I have tried some delicious salmon sausages and didn’t see a recipe for a seafood sausage.

  23. PattiG

    How about making a lamb sausage to mimic gyros seasonings! I really want to win the sausage maker so I can take trying to make o e off my honey-do list!

  24. mary thompson

    How about trying a wild boar and wild fennel flower sausage, i bet it would be fabulous!!!!!

  25. Kyle

    Jalapeno Chicken, bratwurst, or a hot Italian, all classics in my book.

  26. Barb D

    Something with nettles and morels. Maybe turkey or venison because that is what we hunt.

  27. Sandy Lemke

    Braunschweiger, Liverwurst, and Head Cheese Thank you so much for your recipes love to look and think about them.

  28. Deena Congdon

    How about a Jalapeno and apple?
    A sausage with wild rice would be great.
    I like looking at your site for new ideas.

  29. Don Stevens

    Just started making my own sausages, great website, gives me lots of ideas.

  30. Dave

    Can I use honey instead of sugar in these recipes?

  31. kevin mamo

    Hi i am kevin from malta i want to make a salmon sausage and a fish sausage do you have any ricipes for me please andwhat is the best herbs thanks ..

  32. Oblibby

    Greetings from snowy Scotland. I’m going to have a go at making my own sausages for the first time at the weekend and stumbled across your blog whilst looking for a recipe.

    So many here I want to try!!

    Also wanted to say I’m pretty jealous of your life – I really want to start catching and growing my own food (as I’m a townie, the growing part would probably be an easier start, if I can borrow a piece of garden to make a veggie plot.

    Keep making great food please.

  33. Sherri

    Newly getting into making sausages and charcuterie, and came across your site. Though I love the concept of your recipes, unlike you I do not have access to any wild game. Consequently, to do your recipes, I need to use cuts of meat I can find in the local grocery store. Do you have some guidance on replacements? Ie in the Duck l’orange could I use the chicken thighs like chicken provencal. Boar, I would replace with pork. Venison? Goose? Goat? Any guidance would be appreciated. 🙂

  34. Sherri

    Thanks Hank. Sorry it took me a while to spot your response. Got sidetracked 🙂

    So, from what you said, if I tried to do the Duck l’orange I would replace with duck with beef or lamb? Or would that specific recipe work best with another replacement meat? You have eaten it and are a sausage maker so I am figuring you can give me insights better than my flipping a coin.

    Definitely enjoying your site. Yesterday I got distracted by your acorns which brought me to chestnuts and on and on. Back to sausages today.

  35. John

    Can I make smoke sausage in the summer time

  36. Jim A

    Hank, thanks for the tuitotial, it’s very helpful. I am wondering where to got the block of pork fat you used. I don’t think I’ve seen in in my local grocery store (or maybe I just haven’t noticed).

  37. Ellen

    Hi, I have fresh venison and nice pork fat ready to go in the morning,Ido not want to use pork shoulder, what is the mix,straight fat subbed for shoulder? Also I really like fennel seed. Which recipe could I add them to for the best result,flavor? I may do a couple different recipes…thanks

  38. Jo Clegg

    Hi, we are going to make lamb sausages for the first time this week. What are the best plainish? Recipes? Honey& rosemary?? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks Jo

  39. Jim

    Hi, Hank. When you do your first grind with the salt and let the meat sit overnight in the fridge, do you include the Instacure?

  40. DanimalRx

    Hi Hank, I have been looking for a specific recipe and wondered if you had any resources for this. There is a special sausage, Scandinavian in nature, that is venison (deer or elk or reindeer I think is the original) and blueberries/huckleberries. I live in the PNW, going elk hunting this year, and would love to make these delicious treats. Any ideas?


  41. Ben

    Is it possible to make pepperoni or Spanish style chorizo with wild duck?

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