Hunt Gather Talk: Salt Fish


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Welcome to Season Four of the Hunt Gather Talk podcast! In this season, we will be talking about all things preservation, from meat and fish to plants and mushrooms, from drying to fermenting to canning and more.

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In this episode, I talk with Lori McCarthy of Food Culture Place all about salting fish for preservation. Lori is a native of Newfoundland, and she really knows her salt cod. Salt cod is the focus here, but we broaden our discussion into all sorts of ways to salt fish and seafood for preservation.

Hunt Gather Talk is sponsored by FilsonE-Fish and Foraged Market; their generosity makes this podcast happen.

  • My recipe for salt cod fritters, which will give you some details on how to salt your own fish.
  • Lori’s cookbook Food, Culture, Place, which has a host of recipes for fish and game, including salt cod.
  • Mark Kurlansky’s book Cod, which goes into depth on how important salt cod has been to history.
  • If you just want to buy some salt cod, you can get it online.
  • Here’s a pretty good tutorial on how to salt fish at home.

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You can find archives of this season and the three previous seasons on my podcast page.

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  1. One of my fellow Scandahoovians told me her mother’s pickled herring recipe starts with salt cod. Would love to know more. Thanks for getting into the far reaches of what to eat 🙂