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4 responses to “Grouse Northwoods”

  1. Coco in the Kitchen

    This is my kind of dish. I’m Armenian. We eat rice with every meal and most of the time, there’s a saucy stew with a bit of meat over the rice.
    Those cranberries pop and I love the taste of the forest in your recipe.
    I’ll try this with wild turkey as I think I can readily get it here.

  2. feartheminotaur

    Made this with pheasant, and it turned out great, a reminder of the kind of fall I grew up with but don’t get anymore out here on the west coast.

    A note on the syrup: I used less than called for (about half) because the blackberry syrup (recipe on this very site), like I imagine any sweet syrup would be, was pretty strong, flavor-wise, for this dish.

  3. Adam

    Made a version of this (had to do a couple of substitutions) with WT deer and wild foraged cranberries, it was good, but very sour. Are wild cranberries typically that much soured?

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