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13 responses to “Grouse, Solitude and Solace”

  1. Rebecca

    I really love this. The sparseness of the woods, the honesty in your writing, the inspiration that comes from thinking you’ve got nothing left.

    And I know what you mean about cooking giving solace- after being stuck in LA traffic for ages, I’ll get home, shower, and just bake- having my hands working, while making something for others, while doing something creative AND nourishing (though I’m not sure quite how nourishing baked goods are), it calms and grounds me.

    It’s almost over. And you’ve got tons of support from afar.

  2. Zane

    I feel for you Hank. Sometimes you’re not feeling it. But half of hunting is quality time alone in the woods and it sounds like you got that. If you other stops are anything like Cleveland, they’re gonna be great. Hannah and I had a great time!

  3. Trish Short Lewis

    We live in northwestern Minnesota around woods like you write about. The woods by our home have grouse, and highbush cranberry, etc. You have me intrigued now and will have to try it! Glad you came to Minnesota, otherwise known as God’s Country…*smile*

    – Trish, aka “Prairie Woman” (Prairie Woman blog)

  4. Stella

    Oh, that was a lovely article Hank! Glad you made time to “be” in the woods.
    I know of what you speak of finding my love of the northwoods romping thru the balsams and scrub oaks of northern MN where I grew up. Orr area.
    I must tell you, again, that the venison chili recipe you have shared in this site is my families fav! I made it for a 3rd time this past weekend. “The best chili Ive ever had” they said.
    It is like you made a site for me and my forest fed family. Cant thank you enough for taking our wild game to another level!
    You rock… and so do Holly’s pics.

  5. Alan

    Glad you let the woods cleanse your soul. I fondly look forward to the days when I go out Elk hunting. Just sitting there absorbing the nothingness. Unfortunately not this year. Duty calls. Good luck on the rest of your voyage. Not very often one gets to live out there dreams. Looks like you have succeeded. Safe travels, happy hunting and tasty foods…Alan

  6. Carrie Oliver

    Hank, I am so happy that you were able to connect with Scott. And I’m grateful that you came north across the border to spend time in Toronto. As a fellow road warrior, I feel that I know what you mean when you articulate the challenges and “wows” along the way. You do good work, my friend. Drive safely.

  7. Brian

    Totally stumbled across this website looking for a grouse recipe. Stopped dead in my tracks and bookmarked it! I came home with 10 grouse last weekend from near International Falls, and am itching to get them in the pan! Thanks for a wonderful recipe, will be trying it soon!

  8. Bill Fuhry

    Man, I love to read your writing almost as much as I’d love to taste your cooking.

    So, I am beyond bummed that I can’t help part of your dilemma. For months since you announced the book tour, I have been checking back to see when there would be a Chicago date.

    I sent my wife the link – “doesn’t this sound awesome…we’ll get a sitter, have a (rare) night out?”

    “It does sound awesome,” my wife agreed. “But we have an event at our son’s preschool right from 6:30 – 7:30.”

    Sorry, man. I would say I wish you were coming through again, but that would be beyond selfish. Perhaps you’ll open your Michelin Five Star restaurant in Northern Ca. by the time of our planned visit in April. Or I’ll just have to buy the book and enjoy the blog. Thanks for the outstanding, unique take on hunting and cooking.

  9. Nathan Carlos Rupley

    Great post, I have been pretty stressed recently, but probably not as much as you. Took a long walk and came back with a bunch of wild greens, my first salsify root, and a lot less worries. Hope the rest of your tour goes well, it is a great thing you are doing.

  10. deadbait

    Hank, the woods, the country, it’ll always restore you if you let it. I bought your book as soon as it came out, and sadly, missed you in NY. But one thing to keep in mind, the book is a milestone of many, many more to come for you, your career, your family.

    Yes, you have “miles to go before you sleep” but what we can’t always see are the peaceful way-stations that lie ahead. Even in your solace, you give us a dish to taste in our mindseye. Thanks for that and best of luck to you on the remainder of your tour.

  11. Eric

    Missed you in Toronto as I was up North grouse hunting. Love it. Favourite time of the year. Smoked them in the BGE, served cold on toasted baguette with hazelnut compound butter at the moose camp this week. I’ve always said I keep my sanity in a jar in the woods behind the camp. Inevitably, you have to go find it sometime.

  12. homegrown countrygirl

    Beautiful post, Hank… enjoy the journey.

  13. Stella

    Hey Eric,
    Thanks for the hors d’ oeurvre idea!
    Ive got some smoked wild turkey in the freezer and have added it to the deer camp menu. Boys will love it!
    How do you make hazelnut compound butter…grate them for more intensity? Hank?
    Sorry, just learning here.

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