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15 responses to “Venison Stew Tunisian”

  1. Audrey

    I like your rules and share many of them like deep browning, the bit of tomato paste, and cooking ingredients for just the right amount of time. Will have to try grating onions … I usually slice or mince mine but juicy gratings sound like a smart way to deglaze.

  2. Peter

    Hank, the stew looks fab and I like that you used small, skin-on spuds.

    The critter done good in this dish.

  3. Núria

    Hola Hank! Thanks for the stew tips! That picture up there looks awesome, comforting, flavourful, tasteful… Magnífico!

  4. Finspot

    Good post. Stews are fun. I agree that browning the meat is essential. Will try the grated onion trick and tomato paste. As for overcooking, I learned the hard way recently with some inferior Trader Joes potatoes.

  5. 6 Degrees

    Hank —

    Great ideas, and your stew absolutely made my mouth water. It is getting close to stew season here in Sac, isn’t it? I am planning to try your grated onion and lovage ideas out on my next stew. I’ve also found that a cinnamon stick in the stew adds a nice flavor, as does a dash of fresh orange juice just before serving. Cheers!

  6. Garrett

    Dear lord, I wish my frezzer was like your freezer. I have chicken and veggie stocks in there. =P

  7. Allison

    happened to accidently stumble on this page after an already planned meal of venison stew. Looking forward to using your suggestions.

  8. We Are Never Full

    i love that you can not only eat a delicious dish, but you can eat it knowing you killed it and it brings back memories of that day. this looks killer.

  9. Blessed

    I’ve enjoyed Holly’s blog for a long time but every time I clicked over here all the fonts looked weird and the page was hard to read – until today! I’m glad and I’ve got a lot of reading to do…

    The stew sounds good – and it sounds like you do a lot of the same things I do, but I learned a few new things too!

  10. Terry Scoville

    My oh my, that sounds great. I am a fan of crock pot stews and finally the weather is starting to turn. Your culinary skills are way beyond mine, yet I will venture out of the norm and try some of your recipes. Thanks for your wonderful descriptions and details. Much appreciated.

  11. Sam Sotiropoulos

    Grating the onions makes all the difference. 🙂 Hank, this stew sounds and looks FANTASTIC! I am salivating just reflecting on it.

  12. Stella

    I must of done something wrong. I got a slight bitter aftertaste. Im wondering if my juniper berries are going bad.

  13. Kelly

    Made this two nights ago. It was delicious! Full of flavor and complexity. Added a little celery since I was using the leaves and also added two carrots. Added a little fresh lemon juice and fresh chopped parsley at the end because I always do with stew, though I’m not sure this one needed it. Everything else, I did exactly as written. This is my new venison stew recipe! I love the spice of the Harissa and the perfect texture of the vegetables. Thanks Hank,

  14. Marcial

    you got that color without some sort of curry powder?

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