Ethiopian Doro Wat

A recipe for Ethiopian doro wat, a spicy stewed chicken dish. This recipe is how we made doro wat when I worked at an Ethiopian restaurant.

Niter Kibbeh

Niter kibbeh, spiced Ethiopian butter, is not so much a sauce as a cooking medium, although it does make an…

Berbere Spice Mix

Berbere spice mix is essential to Ethiopian cooking, along with the clarified spiced butter known as niter kebbeh. Berbere (ber-BERRY)…

Hunt Gather Talk: West African Seafood

In this episode, I talk with cookbook author Zoe Adjonyoh about her book Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, and the role of fish and seafood in West African cuisine. This is a cuisine you'll want to get to know.

Bamia: Egyptian Okra and Meat Stew

An Egyptian and eastern Mediterranean style okra stew with meat and tomatoes. Bamia, or okra, has been eaten in Egypt since antiquity. I use venison as the meat here.

Okra Stew

A West African inspired okra stew recipe with tomatoes that's great served on its own, or as a thick sauce over fish or game.

Venison Stew Tunisian Style

A North African-inspired venison stew with potatoes, onions, harissa and bay leaves. A good change of pace from the same ole same ole...

Ghanaian Palava Sauce

A thick stew of meat - venison here - and greens, tomato, chile and squash seeds, palaver is a popular dish in Ghana.

Butternut Squash Curry

This squash curry from Ethiopia shares many of the same elements as an Indian curry, but with a slightly different mix of spices.

Coconut Curry Chicken

This recipe is from East Africa, where it is called kuku wa nazi in Swahili. I used pheasant here, which is more like an African chicken.

Ghanaian Red Red

Red red is a signature dish in Ghana, hinging on cowpeas, tomatoes and red palm oil. I used red cowpeas and some ham to bulk it up.

Ethiopian Venison Stew

This is the Ethiopian stew called abish wot, made here with venison. It's a spicy stew, laced with fenugreek.