Braised Pork with Purslane

Mexican pork with purslane, carne de puerco con verdolagas, is a common dish all over northern Mexico, and is a great way to eat this edible weed.

Mexican Sopes

How to make Mexican sopes, little tartlets of masa dough filled with good things to eat. Sopes are easy to make and fun to eat.

Avocado Tomatillo Salsa

A simple, blended avocado tomatillo salsa recipe that might look like guacamole or salsa verde, but it isn't. It's the best of both worlds. Great for chips or on tacos.

Turkey Breast Tacos

Turkey tacos with turkey breast, roasted peppers and jack cheese on soft tortillas. Good luck this turkey season!

Arrachera Tacos

Grilled skirt steak, arrachera, is the best meat for tacos. Arrachera tacos are marinated, chopped and served simply. The meat is the star here.

Authentic Carnitas Michoacanas

This is an authentic carnitas recipe, carnitas estilo Michoacan. Carnitas Michoacanas is closer to confit than what Americas are used to.

Chorizo Burger

A chorizo burger is simply a hamburger made partly with Mexican chorizo. Here's how to make one at home, topped with Southwest flavors.

Conejo en Adobo

A recipe for red chile rabbit, conejo en adobo, from Tamaulipas, Mexico. Rabbit stewed in a rich adobo of chiles, onions, garlic and herbs.

Carne con Chile

A recipe for Sonoran carne con chile, which is not what you think of as chili. This is braised venison or beef with a very simple chile sauce.

Caldo de Camaron

Caldo de camaron, shrimp soup, appears in various forms all over Mexico. My version is inspired by those in Sonora and Baja.

Green Chile Stew

Green chile stew, desert Southwest style. This is a New Mexico green chile stew, not Mexican chile verde.

How to Make Machaca

Machaca, wispy filaments of jerky, is a common meat for burritos or tacos in northern Mexico. Here's how to make it at home.