Lobster Tacos

This is inspired by Baja California, where lobster is a common menu item. Steamed lobster with a spicy pico de gallo on corn tortillas.

Tepary Beans, Desert Friend

How to grow and cook tepary beans, with a recipe for frijoles fronterizos, a recipe with tepary or pinto beans from Baja.

Tacos Gobernador

Invented in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, tacos gobernador, "governor's tacos," are popular all over the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Fire Roasted Salsa

This recipe shows you how to add flavor to your salsa by roasting the ingredients, either on a grill or in the oven.

Tongue Tacos

A grilled tongue tacos recipe where you braise the tongues first, peel them, then grill them and chop before serving on tortillas.

Grape Leaf Tamales

How to use grape leaves to wrap tamales. So far as I know this is not done in Mexico, but it could be in Baja, Mexico's wine country.

Tacos de Cabeza

Tacos de cabeza is made with a pig's head in some parts of Mexico. In this recipe, you barbecue the head, shred it and serve the meat on tacos.

Poc Chuc, Mayan Grilled Pork

A famous grilled pork dish in the Yucatan, poc chuc is marinated pork loin, grilled, and sliced. Great with javelina, too.

Venison Fajitas

A Tex-Mex classic made with elk flank steak, lots of peppers and onions, and homemade flour tortillas.

Mexican Chirmol Sauce

Chirmol is a sauce from the Mexican state of Tabasco that is like a pre-Hispanic mole sauce.