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53 responses to “How to Make Smoked Duck”

  1. Dylan

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! My family is having a good “We told you so” laugh about what you said about the coot. I happen to like coot, and have found that using your maple smoking technique gets rid of lots of their legendary “muddy” flavor. Perhaps my fondness for them is related to my lousy shooting and their awkward, easier to hit flying… Also, I have used this recipe a few times now on shitake mushrooms; they smoke up nice! Do you reckon it’s worth trying on a few fresh bolete caps, to be eaten as appetizers?

  2. Diana

    Hank – thanks for the response. I can’t wait to try the lower cold cut recipe later on. As for the dinner temp, both birds are relaxing in an electric aromatherapy sauna as I type so I’m looking forward to trying them.

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