Red Eye Gravy with Quail

Southern red eye gravy hinges on country ham and black coffee, but I add a little broth, flour and sage.

Sour Corn

Southern sour corn, a lacto-fermented pickled corn, is a specialty in Appalachia. Sweet, tart and crunchy!

Deviled Crab

A classic deviled crab recipe using the shells as a container; you can use bowls or ramekins, too. Any kind of crab works here.

Catfish Courtbouillon

Catfish courtbuillon is a classic Cajun recipe, one done in many ways. This version is inspired by the great Cajun Chef Don Link.

Cajun Jambalaya

Wild game Cajun jambalaya is a Bayou version of Spanish paella or African jollof rice.

Southern Fish Stew

A fish stew featuring fantastic Southern ingredients: Gulf fish, hominy, black-eyed peas, Conecuh sausage. Any fish works in this recipe.

Smoked Pork Chops

Smoked pork chops, using real, meaty, fatty, thick pork chops. Useful in all sorts of ways!

Turkey Gumbo

Cajun style turkey gumbo with wild turkey, andouille sausage and Gulf shrimp.

Chicken Fried Duck

A Southern take on teal, with red-eye gravy, sour corn and Brussels sprouts.

Jowl Bacon

How to make jowl bacon using jowls from domesticated or wild hogs. Jowl bacon is a Southern specialty.

Squirrel Pie

Squirrel hand pies with acorn flour in the dough, filled with squirrel meat, walnuts, apples and cabbage. Down home and wonderful!

Southern Tomato Gravy

Old school Southern tomato gravy served with country fried dove breasts. 'Nuff said.