Fig Syrup

Tired of maple syrup? Make fig syrup. You can use fresh or fried figs, wild or store-bought.

Pickled Grape Leaves

Pickled grape leaves sound odd, but they are the preserved grape leaves you use for various Mediterranean dishes, like dolmades,…

Greek Braised Quail

Braised quail Greek style, with olives, lemon, celery and garlic. This is a simple recipe that also works with rabbit, partridge, pheasant and grouse.

Greek Venison or Lamb Shanks

This is a traditional Greek lamb shank recipe done with venison shanks; the only difference between the two is venison takes longer to cook.

Warm Crab Salad with Peppers

A Greek dish of warm crab salad with peppers, mostly sweet bell peppers, served with red onions and lots of herbs.

Greek Fried Mussels

Fried mussels done Greek style, with Mediterranean spices in the flour and served with garlicky skordalia dipping sauce.

Greek Grilled Octopus

I haven't bought meat or fish more than a handful of times in more than a decade. Octopus is my exception. I love grilled octopus, especially Greek style. Baby octos served as a meze, a Greek appetizer, is one of my favorite things to eat in summertime.

Venison Greek Souvlaki

If these look kinda-sorta like venison tacos, it's because lots of cultures love to grill meats, stick them on a flatbread and add vegetables and some kind of awesome sauce. That's exactly what this is, done Greek style.

Anise Cookies

I don't eat a lot of sweet things, but I do have a soft spot for cookies. These I call "Bacchus Biscuits," and they're my take on a Greek fennel seed cookie. It's like a shortbread cookie, not too sweet, with toasted fennel seeds in it. They last a while and are great as a quick snack.

Greek Meatballs

It's not often I remake a five-year-old recipe and change nothing. This Greek meatball recipe -- venison (or lamb), bulgur wheat, oregano and a Greek tomato sauce -- is one such dish. Nice to know some dishes hold up well over time.

Grilled Octopus, Greek Style

As we close out summer, I refuse to give up the grill just yet. And while I did not actually catch these little octopi, I just had to share with you one of my favorite appetizers of all time: Grilled baby octopus, a Greek classic.