Fig Jam with Ouzo

My fig tree is exploding with fruit right now, so I decided to revise my recipe for an old favorite: Fig jam, spiked with ouzo, lemon and bay. I don't eat too much jam and jelly, but this one is absolutely worth your effort.

How to Make Oil Cured Black Olives

Curing olives in springtime? Who knew? But early spring is the time to gather ripe black olives for oil-curing, and I love me some oil-cured olives.

Greek Preserved Quail

The Greek way to preserve quail is a cousin to confit, and results in a tender, silky bird that is spectacular served with pickles, bread and ouzo.

Greek Rabbit Stifado

Stifado, the iconic Greek rabbit stew, is a beguiling mix of sweet, spicy and savory. Sweet wine and lots of olive oil make this dish, as does a good brace of cottontails.

A Gift from the Garden

It's not often I write about my garden anymore; it's gone as feral as I have. But every now and again, it gives me a gift. Like these beautiful white beans.

Greek Pheasant Pasta

I am always on the lookout for interesting pheasant recipes, and this one really caught my eye: It's from Michael Psilakis, one of the best Greek chefs in the country, and who happens to also be a hunter!

Foraging Mallow – Hiding in Plain Sight

An offhanded remark leads me down the rabbit hole in search of the mysterious - yet ubiquitous - mallow plant. Who knew how important this weed was to the Eastern Mediterranean?

How to Cure Green Olives

Brining olives is the oldest way to cure olives, especially green ones. What follows are instructions and troubleshooting on how…

Tinkering with Sausages

I have been making a lot of sausages lately, and as each batch will typically¬†give me some new insight into…