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6 responses to “Venison Meatballs, Greek Style”

  1. Andrea Mynard

    These look wonderful, great comfort food for the grey February days we’re having. I make meatballs with half venison/half pork mince often (just because I still have lots of meat from our Berkshire piggies in the freezer) and really like the idea of the addition of bulgur wheat and Greek herbs and spices.

  2. Mike Richardson

    Love the sounds of this recipe, is the the bulgar cooked before mixing with the meat?

  3. Mike

    Hank: I made the meatballs last night for an appetizer for a dinner party and used ground Mountain caribou from my hunt in BC, Canada. I didn’t have any bulgar but used red quinoa that I had on hand. They were fantastic! I left my meat mixture in the fridge overnight to ensure the quinoa would not be cruchy. I have used anchovies in my red sauces for years and no one can believe they are in there. The cinnamon stick adds beautiful background warmth. Great recipe, thanks! Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out. My copy is on pre-order with Amazon.

  4. Chuck Slack

    This looks great! Just came home from Nebraska with 15# of ground venison.

    We have Greek friends in Chicago, can’t wait to make this for them!



  5. Sharie Lewis

    I used ground antelope & used 1/2 the crushed tomatoes because I served the meatballs without pasta to 4th graders at a feast. They loved them! I didn’t advertise the anchovies as an ingredient as I wanted everyone to at least try them. They couldn’t get enough. Thank you for the super recipe. It will be my new go to for meatballs. I loved the texture the bulgar wheat added too them.

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