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11 responses to “Chinese Char Siu Pork or Wild Boar”

  1. East Village Eats

    Thanks for the recipe, I’ll have to try this out for myself. Hopefully it’ll turn out looking as good as yours!!!

  2. deana

    Goodness, that looks amazing Hank! I can imagine boar with all those strong flavors. I’ll try the recipe with pork, and know I’m missing alot.

    Is there a technique to make pork taste like boar the way there is a venison cheat???

  3. Juls (Pepper and Sherry)

    That looks amazing Hank! I used up my last cut of boar making your crepinettes and here is another amazing looking recipe – looks like it’s time for more wild pig here!

  4. Ed

    Didn’t you mean to say balsamic vinegar as a substitute for black vinegar?

  5. Joe Keough


  6. Sharon


    now all you need to do is make some bao dough and make steamed buns with your leftovers.

    one of our favorites.

  7. Mark Preston

    Hank: You forgot the Maotai. The sin qua non of Char Siu. I have used it and it exactly replicates Chinese BBQ from Chinatown in Los Angeles.

  8. Mark Buckley

    Hank – would love to try more of these types of recipes, but alas, I have no wild boar, and have really been trying not to buy meat, only eating what I kill in a given year. Would this recipe lend itself at all to venison? i’m thinking pan seared chops (to get a good crusty service) that are finished in the oven to medium rare, and sliced on the cutting board and tossed with the sauce.. or do you just lose the essence of the recipe by not having the slow cooked fat of pork shoulder/belly?

  9. thomas cappiello

    I got this smallish (but very fatty) pork shoulder from friends home grown black hog, looking for something to do with it. I know its a pork belly recipe but if its the fat thing that makes it, this would probably due.

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