Duck Leg Recipes

Easy roast duck legs in a casserole dish
Photo by Hank Shaw

These are my favorite duck leg recipes. These are the most flavorful parts of a duck or goose, but they also need long, slow cooking to become tender. Not so much as the legs of upland game birds like pheasants — they do a lot more walking around than ducks do — but you still can’t eat a goose leg rare without a lot of chewing. And the wings? Man, but they can be tough. Think about it: Ducks and geese migrate thousands of miles. That’s a lot of work for those muscles.

For most of my duck leg recipes, you will be braising them until they are tender. If you are looking for an internal temperature, in general at least 160°F and beyond that is fine because you are looking for slow and low here.

Below are recipes both easy and advanced. I’d start with the confit and move to the braises.

Duck confit crisped up in a pan

Duck Confit

A basic tutorial on making one of the best things you can possibly make with duck or goose legs.

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Easy roast duck legs in a casserole dish

Easy Roast Duck Legs

Here is a quicker method for getting close to a real confit that only takes a few hours. It’s easy and really good.

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And once you have either confit or this easy version of it, make Shredded Duck Confit with Pasta, lemon zest and garlic (also hosted on Simply Recipes).

All the fixings for duck tacos arrayed on a table.

Duck Tacos

Mmm, hmmm. Duck confit tacos. You want these. Yes you do.

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Braised duck legs over a bed of mushrooms and leeks.

Braised Duck Legs with Leeks

One of my favorite slow-cooked dishes with duck or goose legs.

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teriyaki duck legs on grill

Teriyaki Duck Legs

A definite crowd pleaser, and easy to make.

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sriracha duck legs on a platter

Honey Sriracha Duck Legs

A crowd-pleaser. Simply roasted duck legs coated in a honey-lime-Sriracha sauce. Excellent for parties!

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Chinese duck legs recipe

Chinese Duck Legs

Chinese barbecue duck or goose legs. Slow cooked, sweet, sticky and spicy. Great party food.

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smoked goose wings recipe

Smoked Goose Wings

Oh yeah, baby! So good! The trick here is to braise the wings first, then smoke them.

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Duck ragu on the plate, being eaten

Classic Duck Ragu

Cooked down legs or wings, shredded and simmered in a rich Italian pasta sauce. A great use for skinless or skin-on legs and wings.

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goose recipe with lemon

Shredded Goose with Lemon

My take on a Spanish dish normally made with lamb. If you like lemons, you’ll like this dish.

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duck buffalo wings recipe

Wild Duck ‘Buffalo Wings’

Yes, you can make Buffalo wings with duck. You just need to simmer them for a while to make them tender.

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A platter of honey mustard duck wings.

Honey Mustard Duck Wings

Another great recipe for duck wings. Like the Buffalo wings, only with a honey mustard sauce!

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Overhead view of an English duck pie

English Duck Pie

A giant “pot pie” you can eat hot or cold with your hands for lunch. It’s a meat bomb.

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salmis of duck recipe

Classic Salmis of Duck

A classic from as least as early as the 1800s, this is a weekend dish that’s well worth the time. You can eat leftovers all week, too.

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German braised duck on a plate

German Braised Duck

A venerable braised duck dish from Germany, the combination of duck, smoked sausages and sauerkraut is always a winner.

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