Spanish Quail with Paprika and Onions

A Spanish recipe for quail stewed with paprika and onions. You then strain off the liquid and serve that with pasta. it's a great date night dish.

Zarzuela de Mariscos

A recipe for zarzuela de mariscos, a Spanish seafood stew with lots of different seafoods, tomatoes, peppers and a zippy herb pesto at the end.

Spanish Fuet Sausage

How to make Spanish fuet sausage at home. Fuet is a long, thin salami-style sausage lightly seasoned with garlic, white pepper and wine.

Spanish Caldereta

Caldereta is a slow cooked stew from Spain, with variations across Latin America and the Philippines. Usually made with beef, I use a venison neck roast here.


Puchero is a hearty stew made all over the Spanish-speaking world. This is a Mexican puchero recipe uses beef or venison and lots of vegetables. Simple, satisfying and it keeps well.

Saffron Aioli

Aioli is one of those magic sauces, equally at home with both fried foods and poached meats. It is a…

Catalan Monkfish

A great monkfish recipe from Spain. Monkfish tails, seared and then sauced with a roasted garlic, saffron and tomato sauce. Any firm fish will work with this recipe.

Spanish Green Sauce for Fish

This is the classic Spanish green sauce for fish, most often as merluza en salsa verde, but you can sub in other fish for the merluza, which is hake.

Spanish Mushroom Rice

Basically this is a paella that hinges on mushrooms, with pork and paprika playing harmony. Wild mushrooms like porcini are best, but whatever you have will do.

Kak’Ik, Guatemalan Turkey Soup

A turkey soup recipe from Guatamala called Kak'ik, meaning "red and spicy" in Maya. It's a great turkey soup to try when you're looking for something new.

Spanish Butifarra Sausage

Spanish Butifarra is a great basic sausage recipe to learn: Pork, salt and pepper, maybe one or two other spices.

Salt Cod Fritters

Salt cod fritters, Spanish style. Called bunelos de bacalao in Spanish, you can make these with any salted fish.