Basque Cod al Pil Pil

A recipe for Basque cod al pil pil, made by shaking a pan with olive oil and garlic in it to emulsify into a magic sauce. Do this with any white fish.

All Hail Spot Prawns!

A simple spot prawns recipe inspired by Spain, along with general tips on how to cook spot prawns. Short answer: simply.

Spanish Shark with Tomatoes

A Spanish shark recipe that combines chunks of shark with pine nuts and tomatoes. This dish works fine with swordfish, tuna or sturgeon, too.

Shredded Goose with Lemon

A Spanish goose recipe where you slow-cook the goose, shred the meat and serve it with lots of lemon. A great recipe for snow geese or Canada geese.

Braised Rabbit with Garlic

Rarely are dishes this simple this good. Something about lots of slow-braised rabbit and whole garlic cloves, spiked with sweet peas and a splash of vinegar makes this recipe far greater than the sum of its parts.

Argentine Chorizo Sausage

There are lots of variants on the classic Spanish chorizo, and this is one from Argentina. It's a very simple fresh sausage, grilled and served with chimichurri on a roll. Here's how to make it.

Spicy Spanish Clams

Clams steamed in a spicy Spanish tomato sauce. This dish is a knockout. Eat it with a fork in one hand, a hunk of crust bread in another. A damn good appetizer or light dinner.

How to Make Ceviche Safely

You just can't make ceviche with any old fish; parasites in the fish survive the citrus bath. Here's how to make your own ceviche safely, with lots of variations.

Grilled Doves a la Mancha

This is my signature dish for dove season. Grilled dove is one of my favorites, and this Spanish-inspired take on them never fails to please.

Spanish Clams and Chorizo

The Iberian tradition of combining shellfish and pork is one of the great pairings in the world. Here is the most famous of the many such dishes: Spanish clams and chorizo.

Boquerones, Fresh Cured Anchovies

Fresh cured anchovies sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn't. This is more like a ceviche than the red, salty anchovies you get in a can. Called boquerones in Spain and gavros in Greece, these are fantastic on crackers or by themselves.

Chanterelle Soup

If Porcini are the kings of the mushroom world, chanterelles are its queen. There are several varieties of chanterelle, ranging…