Squirrel Stew with Paprika and Greens

I first made this stew for my friends Joe and Dorrie in Ohio, last season. I called it Portuguese squirrel stew at the time, but I really have no idea whether this qualifies as Portuguese. All I know is that it's damn good.

Portuguese Feijoada

If you search this site, you will find several recipes for various versions of pork and beans, largely because I…

Pulpo a la Gallega

I have a thing for octopus. In the past nine years, I've only bought meat or fish for the home a handful of times -- and it's almost always been octopus. This is one of my favorite ways to eat it, a Spanish classic with lots of garlic and paprika.

Spanish Partridge, Pheasant or Quail Escabeche

An old Spanish recipe for partridges, you sear the birds then simmer them in a vinegary sauce and store in jars in a cool place, like a fridge. I like to take a couple partridges out and eat them at room temperature, while watching football...

Braised Squirrel Aurora

This is one of my favorite dishes on the site: A classy, Spanish-inspired slow braised squirrel recipe. The dish is based on a Catalan rabbit dish, but I like it with squirrel better.

Tuna with Red Pepper Sauce

This is a classic recipe from Spain's Canary Islands: Tuna, seared and then simmered gently in a rich - and slightly spicy - red pepper sauce traditionally served with little potatoes. It's a great weeknight dinner or party appetizer.

Chilindron, Spanish Stew

Chilindron, a Spanish stew dominated by roasted red peppers, paprika and onions, is one of my favorite dishes. It's so versatile it works with almost any meat.

Kale Soup with Linguica

A hearty stew with homemade linguica, white beans and real Portuguese cabbage inspired by the caldo verde eaten in the Azores.

Portuguese Braised Deer Shank

Nothing like a nasty winter rainstorm to get me braising meats -- in this case a Portuguese style braised venison shank, with fresh nettles and celery root puree mixed with mascarpone cheese.

Pheasant Escabeche

I’ve made a lot of escabeche in my time, and read scores of recipes from all over the world. This…

How to Make Blood Sausage

If you want a blood sausage recipe that’s approachable, this is the one. It is a Portuguese blood sausage that…