Alpine Bread Soup

If you are looking for a delicious, thing to do with stale bread, you could do a whole lot worse than make a batch of bread soup: It's quick, easy and only uses a few ingredients.

Sauerkraut Casserole

An easy-to-make casserole or hotdish, sauerkraut casserole is basically German lasagna: Sauerkraut, venison or beef, noodles and cheese. What's not to love?

Homemade Braunschweiger

How to make German braunschweiger sausage at home. Braunschweiger is a liver sausage that is then smoked. Pork plus bird livers are a great option.

German Jägerschnitzel 

Jägerschnitzel is one of Germany’s best known dishes. Also spelled jaegerschnitzel, it means “hunter’s cutlets,” meat pounded thin and served with…

German Käsespätzle

A simple recipe for German kasespatzle adding cooked, shredded chicken, turkey, pheasant or rabbit. Kasespatzle is a lot like mac and cheese, only better.

Venison Bratwurst

My recipe for smoked venison bratwurst, made like the red bratwurst from State Street Brats in Madison, Wisconsin. Even if you don't like the Badgers, you'll like these links.

Weisswurst Sausage

A classic German sausage made from white meats and flavored with lemon, parsley and spices.

Spinach Spaetzle

A basic spinach spaetzle recipe that can be modified for any green leafy vegetable or herb you want to use, from nettles to parsley.

Homemade Sheboygan Brats

This was the first sausage I ever learned to make, in Wisconsin. It's a traditional "white brat" made with veal, pork, or turkey.

Knoephla Soup

Knoephle soup, a North Dakota classic, with little dumplings, cream, root vegetables and smoked meat, in this case, smoked sharp-tailed grouse.

German Braised Duck

Rich, tender braised duck bathed in comforting flavors: sauerkraut, root vegetables, even a little sausage. For duck or goose legs,…

Duck with Turnips and Rye Spaetzle

This dish is so simple, all the flavors come together beautifully. And if you've never made homemade spatzle, it's easier than you think.