German Bacon

Germans eat a lot of smoked meats, including bacon. But I failed to find "authentic" German bacon recipes, so I made up my own. This bacon turned out so well it made me want to dance around in a dirndl. OK, maybe not. But it is damn good.

German Rabbit Stew

No, this is not hasenpfeffer. This stew, which comes from Swabia in Southern Germany, is much lighter -- almost summery -- and is a great way to usher in cooler nights -- and rabbit season.

Braised Duck Legs with Leeks

'Tis the season for slow braises and duck hunting. I first posted this recipe back in 2007, but I've come a long way since then. Here is an updated, streamlined version.

Acorn SpƤtzle

It's fall, and that means acorns are dropping everywhere. If you are adventurous to make your own acorn flour, what then do you do with it? Lots of things, but my favorite use for acorn flour is this spaetzle recipe.

Stinging Nettle Spaetzle

I absolutely love my spaetzle maker, and have been working on flavored spaetzle all winter. This one, a stinging nettle spaetzle, I made to celebrate the coming of spring.