Zarzuela de Mariscos

A recipe for zarzuela de mariscos, a Spanish seafood stew with lots of different seafoods, tomatoes, peppers and a zippy herb pesto at the end.

Fish Stir Fry

A simple fish stir fry recipe that works with most fish. Coated in a light batter, the fish is cooked with chiles, garlic and ginger.

Hunt Gather Talk: Salt Fish

This episode is a conversation about salting fish, especially salt cod, with Newfoundlander Lori McCarthy of Food Culture Place.

Pike Balls with Dill Cream Sauce

A classic pike recipe from Scandinavia, these pike balls are easy to make and get around all those bones. It's a fun appetizer or easy meal. Other fish work well, too.

Hamachi Sashimi

Hamachi sashimi is easy to make and wonderful to eat. Hamachi is yellowtail, and other jacks, wahoo or tuna can be used here.

Fried Walleye

Fried walleye is a classic for a reason: Crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside. The method here is buttermilk fried fish, and it works with all firm, white fish.

Tacos de Marlin

Tacos de marlin, or marlin tacos, are popular in Baja and Sonora, Mexico. Really any smoked fish works here, not just marlin. This recipe uses smoked fish, roasted chiles, tomatoes and onions and melty cheese.

Japanese Clam Soup

A simple, elegant Japanese clam soup made with a clear, dashi-based broth, a touch of garlic, sea vegetables and chives. Use small clams for this.

Mojo de Ajo Garlic Sauce

A classic Mexican garlic sauce used mostly on fish and seafood - in this case snook - but it's also great on chicken or quail.

Sierra Spring

Wild ingredients can link you to time and place on a plate in ways far stronger than supermarket food. Here's one example of doing exactly that.

Potato Fish Cakes

How to make the best potato fish cakes. Potato fish cakes are the "other" style of fish cake. No breadcrumbs here. Any flaky fish works, freshwater or salt.

Hunt Gather Talk: Sea Foraging

Interested in fishing and gathering at the seashore? This episode will "wet" your appetite. I talk with the Sea Forager, Kirk Lombard, all about the often unsung fruits of the seashore.