Homemade Polish Kielbasa

Few sausages are as iconic as Polish kielbasa. There are as many variations as there are cooks -- even an official government-approved recipe, which I used as my inspiration. This one is pure smoky awesomeness.

Ossobuco Milanese

This is about as classic Italian as it gets... except I'm using bear shanks instead of veal. Osso buco is one of the best uses of any large shank, be it elk, moose, a big deer or pig, and yes, black bear. Call it "orso buco."

Salmon Chowder

Chowder for me has always meant my mum's clam chowder -- to make it properly, you absolutely must follow an ironclad set of rules with an ironclad set of ingredients. But mum does not make salmon chowder. So when I began making it, I suddenly felt free to play. And play I did.

Greek Meatballs

It's not often I remake a five-year-old recipe and change nothing. This Greek meatball recipe -- venison (or lamb), bulgur wheat, oregano and a Greek tomato sauce -- is one such dish. Nice to know some dishes hold up well over time.

Maybe It’s a Tuber: Crosne

I have a thing for odd garden vegetables, especially roots and tubers. Meet Stachys Affinis, the crosnes or Chinese artichoke. Looks like a grub, tastes like water chestnut. Cool.

Thai Duck Curry

Thai red curry with duck is a standard dish in that country's cuisine -- in fact, it is thought that ducks were first domesticated in Southeast Asia, so this is about as core a duck recipe as you can get. And it's mad crazy awesome.

Dorado a La Paz

Let's face it: It's cold in most of the country. But down here in California, both avocados and prickly pear fruits are in season. So why not combine them with some mahi mahi -- dorado in Mexico -- and make a dish dedicated to sunny Baja?

Venison Potsticker Dumplings

Happy Lunar New Year! I can't think of a better way to celebrate it than with potstickers, the Chinese dumpling Americans love most. My potstickers are filled with venison and yes, those are handmade wrappers. We don't mess around here on HAGC.

Cappelletti Pasta in Broth

Cappelletti, a variant on the well-known tortellini of Bologna, are normally served in a clear broth. My cappelletti are vegetarian, filled with ricotta and spices, but you could use meat, too. The soup is a rich, clear duck broth; almost a consomme. Simple yet, elegant.

Kabanos, the World’s Greatest Slim Jim

I could eat these all day long. Tangy, smoky and addicting, kabanosy, a Polish smoked meat stick, is what a Slim Jim dreams about when it sleeps at night. You want to make these. Now.

Polish Fermented Mushrooms

I'd always been leery of the Slavic style of salt-pickled mushrooms. But I finally took the plunge and fermented my mushrooms Polish style, and damn but they're good -- especially with some rye bread and lots of vodka...

The Imperative of Protein

My life is governed by the near-constant need to process, butcher and store the fish and game we bring home. This is the Imperative of Protein, and while it is indeed hard work, I would not choose to live any other way.