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8 responses to “Greek Grilled Octopus”

  1. H

    Cool! Do you think this would work on squid?

  2. JimJams

    Lovely. I always prepare it the same way also. The brief dip blanch does seem to work. I also find if you freeze it first, then slowly defrost before the dip blanch stage it also helps tenderise a lot, especially for larger ones.

    I believe in Greece they used to smash the large ones against the beach rocks to tenderise 🙂 I have never had to beat them using the freeze/defrost and dip blanch method.

  3. Beth

    Is any liquid added to the pot with the herbs? I’ve never cooked octopus before and don’t want to screw it up.

  4. Maja

    Thank you for sharing- I love octopus & grilled is my favourite. I’ve always cooked it by boiling it for about 30 minutes & letting it cool in the water. I do like the sound of your braising as – to be honest- I never boil anything else. Would you say the octopus has more flavour your way?

  5. Tim

    I’m guessing that Japanese style octopus traps are a no go in your parts.

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