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36 responses to “Chipotle Venison Jerky”

  1. Michael

    One of the better descriptions of jerky I’ve seen in quite a while Hank.

    I agree with you on the majority of your points, especially the brining/marinating. I typically slice and start marinating on a Sunday afternoon, leaving it in the fridge until Tuesday evening.

    That said, I do pull the meat out an massage it to make sure the marinade has swirled its way around every morsel

    And yes, dehydrator beats the oven. I tried it once in the oven and it just wasn’t the same. And although I’ve never smoked jerky, I may someday.

    I don’t hunt, but will use this recipe for my next batch, or at least a portion of it. My tried and true recipe is a fan favorite at my bowling center on a weekly basis.


    Cheers from Southwest Ohio,


  2. Janine

    Faboulous recipie Hank
    Have bee a “silent” fan for a couple of years now; thanks to you I am a more accomplished omnivorous hunter angler gardner cook.
    With regards to this recipie, may I ask for some help in preparing this for people who absolutely cannot physically tolerate even mild “spicy” as in chipotles etc…in their food.

    Thank you

  3. Erik

    Hi Hank-
    Do you wipe the excess marinade off the meat before you dehydrate, or just lay the meat on the rack and let the marinade dehydrate into the meat? Also, do you ever smoke the jerky for an hour and then dehydrate to get some smokiness in the jerky?
    Your website is awesome!
    Erik in Minnesota

  4. andy

    I always tell people to start simple and embellish as they learn the process. I never use preservatives but I also store my jerky in the fridge in any case. It never lasts very long with two kids in the house… Something basic like soy and brown sugar with some black pepper and crushed pepper flakes is a good start. I agree that dehydrators beat ovens, hands down. Smokers are even better but you have to 1) keep the temp low and 2) remove excess marinade (or even pre-dry it, like you do with cured salmon). One trick to give your dehydrated jerky a smoked flavor is to add some smoked salt (I get Oaxacan oak smoked salt at my local grocery). Final tip: my niece can’t handle soy. I made a batch for her using reduced balsamic vinegar instead of soy sauce. It was sublime.

  5. Jared

    Hank – could you recommend a variation using ground venison? I’m not sure if a marinate would work, but dry spices would do the trick.

    Thanks! Love the blog.

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  7. Michael


    You’re blog is great! Quick question, how important is Instacure No. 1? My dad and I have been making venison jerky for years and I’ve never come across something like this.


  8. Paul Rosenzweig Jr

    I find that my oven works fine for jerky. I can do larger batches in the oven and it takes less time to dry. I place the wet jerky on cake drying racks placed on a cookie tray. The tray helps keep the oven clean. I set the oven on “bake convection” at 175.

    Works great and I have no problem with the meat cooking or getting too dry.

  9. HorseDoctor

    This looked like a great recipe. I just did a 7# batch. I followed directions exactly and was very surprised to find it much blander than I was expecting. Just a tip if anyone else finds it the same. I shook the entire batch with about 1/4 cup of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and gave it an additional hour in the dehydrator and that really “woke it up”! Will add that to the original marinade next time. Fabulous!

  10. Russ

    I just pulled a batch off the dehydrator this morning. 6 hours was too soon – ended up taking about 9 to be pliable and not brittle. Might just be my dehydrator.

    I bought a 12oz can of chipotle peppers and decided to use the whole thing. The jerky came out great and is very spicy – but delicious. Next time I will do the recommended pepper amount; however there is nobody that would call this batch bland.

  11. HorseDoctor

    Yup, I only did about 30 hours in the marinade. Thanks for the info on what acid (Worcestershire) worked. I thought it woke up the “heat” as well as adding an additional dimension of flavor.

  12. david

    Hank, awesome recipe. If I am using an oven, is the drying time about 6 hours as well? Can I use pink salt instead of instacure? Thanks!

  13. Joey Johnstone

    Trying my first batch here tonight. Doing half the batch with 24 hours and second half wth 48 in fridge to try difference.

    Recipe looks awesome thanks 🙂 Hank.

    A side note to the guy who uses smoked salt , I read and have tried this before and it works good is take your normal table salt and put it in the smoker next time cold smoking something like cheese. When the top gets brownish stir and repeat and then store when finished with smoker. I put it right in my salt shaker at the stove, find it doesn’t add much difference in cooking but smells great when you shake it out and I bet on jerky would work well as it’s not cooking the flavour away.

    Food for thought.

  14. Brian

    Very good recipe, thank you for sharing this. I halved the recipe for 3lbs of venison but used a full 7oz can of chipotles in adobo and used Morton Tender Quick instead of instacure. It turned out fantastic! It really seem to hit its peak flavor after about 5 days, which is something I have noticed with just about all the jerky I have made this winter. Anyone looking to add smoke flavor should consider a cold smoke generator in conjunction with a dehydrator. Sure, you can smoke and dry the meat at the same time in a smoker, but frankly I don’t have the time to tend to my smoker and keep the temp perfect for 10 hours. I have been using something called an A-Maze-N-Smoker that burns hardwood sawdust with great results. Cold smoke in any grill or anything, really, a cardboard box would work as this thing produces about as much heat as a cigar burning. Then dehydrate for another 6 hours and you have perfect smoked jerky.

  15. Mike szymanski

    What should my jerky look like after dehydrater.

  16. Chuck

    Great recipe did 6lbs venison best ever !!!
    Smoked in my converted 1950 refrigerator to smoker
    hunt fish and stay in the woods

  17. Simon

    Made my first every batch of jerky today using beef instead of venison and following this recipe. Amazing! Thanks for the recipe Hank. Next time I’m thinking about using kangaroo meat.

  18. Hans Baertle

    Did 14 lb of Mountain Goat back straps and hind quarter. Followed the recipe to the T. It came out better than I thought. It came out excellent. This is the best way to eat Mt. Goat by far. The meat of mature billies is much tougher than venison. Used to grind it all up into burger and sausage. Still do with the other cuts but will turn the straps and larger chunks into Chipotle Goat Jerkyfrom now on.

  19. Hans Baertle

    By head of garlic do you mean the whole piece of garlic or just one clove. I used the whole entire garlic.

  20. Mark Robertson

    Could you use an electric smoker instead of oven or dehydrator and add a little smoke to jerky? I just got a Masterbuilt smoker and trying to figure what some options are to utilize it. Made some decent duck breast pastrami so curious about jerky.

  21. Kris Maier

    HANK, you are my jesus. If you were going to smoke this in a bradley instead of the dehydrator, what smoke would you use and how long would you go?

  22. Steve

    Hey Kris – I have a Bradley smoker, and i usually cold smoke it for 2 or 3 hours with hickory, then transfer it to the dehydrator.

    I’ve used mesquite in the past but in a side-by-side, blind taste test, the family universally chose hickory.

    By finishing in the dehydrator I just get more control over the final product.

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  25. Michael Patrick McCarty

    This is absolutely my favorite jerky recipe, hands down. I have tried it with elk, mule deer, pronghorn, and now mountain goat. I believe that you could marinade an old shoe in this marinade and it would be just fine. Thanks Hank!

  26. Gwen

    Do you have any suggestions for already dehydrated deer meat? My husband got some jerky made from the processer but there’s no flavor. Is there a way to somehow rehydrate it and marinate it or is that even a dumb question?

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