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6 responses to “Grilled Salmon Salad”

  1. Guy Balestrieri

    Great idea! I usually smoke my salmon collars, heads, & boney bodies and then strip the meat off for smoked salmon cakes. Never thought to make a salad with the meat though. Sounds like a high class tuna fish sandwich or better yet a Salmon Melt in the making, with sliced tomatoes, sliced pickles and sharp cheddar cheese all melted on top of some toasted sourdough bread…yum! Will have to try it after my next salmon trip.

  2. Dave Wong

    Frugality is key and I loved this post Hank. It’s the same thing I do during trophy Striped Bass season here in Maryland. The amount of fish that goes to waste is terrible. I can often cut 1″ fillets off the bones after the guys process their catch. More meat than some of the 18″ fish I get in the summer and of course I save the heads for grandma and her friends.

  3. Andrew

    The Koreans smoke the bones until dry and then roast them until they’re crunchy and dry and powder them onto rice with roast seaweed and sesame. Killer good and it’s what I’ve done with my salmon bones after filleting.

  4. MikeW

    I rarely fillet salmon, the meat comes off the bone so easily that I cook them whole, unless the fish is too large.

    In Florida many years ago, in a wide spot of the road on the gulf coast , we got a serving of grouper backs. An appetizer that became the meal. It was the ribs left after the grouper were filleted at a local processor. Seasoned (red & black pepper, garlic, herbs, salt), grilled with sweet butter. The serving was a large platter piled high, and it was delicious. Some of the backs were over an inch thick.


  5. Bob

    If you’re getting a pound of meat off the backbone, you really need to learn how to fillet. The backbone from a 20# chinook will provide at most a snack while I wait to cook the fillets. Smoke the collars, salmon cheeks are a whole ‘nother thing, nothing quite like sitting down to a pound or so of them.

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