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230 responses to “How to Smoke Salmon”

  1. Paul Demelo

    Just did up a batch of fraser river caught sockeye up here in B.C. with your recipe followed to a tee… All i can say is thank you for such an excellent way to smoke using basic ingredients with a fantastic result that has my whole family begging for more . Awesome job Hank , this is now my ‘go to’ recipe whenever the Bradleys gettin fired up for another batch of ‘candy’ as the kids call it !

  2. Aaron

    I ran this last season, and it came out great – so thank you! This year I was thinking I might swap honey (from my hives) for the syrup, and am wondering if I should water it down about 1:1 or use it straight? Any thoughts?


  3. chip

    hello hank I used your method and recipe on king and coho and I loved it however the wife thought to much smoke and I am working on that. Could you please answer a question for me? How long will salmon keep refridgerated after brined for 30 hours?

  4. Joe

    My first try was over the summer and it was amazing. I even used farm raised salmon and it was fantastic! I also subbed in coconut nectar for the maple to cut down on sugar/calories. The last thing I changed was my temperature for the last 20 minutes or so. I was at about 120ish and I wanted to spring the temp up to 140ish… I lit the gas and got distracted… the temp shot up to 300-350 for that last 20 minutes and I got very worried (temp was good the entire rest of the time). Turns out, it actually came out great. I do not kid around when I say that people were eating the salmon skin… like it was chicken skin. When I tried it I realized there was no off setting flavor at all… THANKS SO MUCH!!! Family Christmas dinner is next for this recipe!

  5. Doug Wyckoff

    My Dad taught me the art of smoking salmon way back in the late 40’s. I have tried lots of different approaches, but must complement you on your method and the wonderful sweet, smokey result. I took a batch north to Minnesota for the grandkids and friends for Christmas. I was a hero thanks to you. Way to go Hank.

  6. Guy Austin

    Tried your recipe and it turned out great ,thanks from salmon1

  7. Capt John "GiddyUp" Bunch

    Follow this recipe exactly and save your creativity for nachos or scrambled eggs

  8. Rory

    Hank – thanks for the recipe. One thing I have wondered about hot-smoked salmon is…can it be frozen (in it’s smoked form) if it was previously frozen raw? I mean, I know you CAN, but how badly does it degrade the product? Freezing things that were previously frozen generally yields poor results. But I’m wondering if the curing/smoking process changes the fish enough to make it something different, something that can maybe stand up to re-freezing.

    The reason I ask is, I have alot more frozen salmon than fresh. And, I like the idea of filling up the smoker to make the whole process more worthwhile. But I wouldn’t be able to consume that much smoked salmon within a week.

  9. Pat

    Thanks Hank for putting this up, as an experienced novice it is so simple and so delicious.I did this with both Salmon and a good sized Snapper today( In Aussie) & cant believe how beautiful it is, hardest part is having to share it with with my son & if this was any nicer it would be illegal, smoked Mussels next.

  10. John truhe

    Once you put your smoked salmon in the freezer – how is your recommendation on reheating – thanks

  11. Nick

    Did a cure last week with brown sugar, salt, little garlic powder and pepper for about 12 hours. Came out great but now I’m curious…what’s the difference between a cure and a brine?

  12. Dennis

    followed this to a T. The sockeye are in the smoker as I type.
    Thanks for the simplicity just what i was looking for. The kids and the cats are licking their chops.

  13. Bill

    Smoked 5 pounds according to your instructions and it was heavenly. Thank you!

  14. Lisa Knox

    I have to let you know… your recipe / instructions are my go-to for smoked salmon! It has been failproof many times over, and always gets rave reviews from everyone (including my kids!) Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Jim

    I’ve been using this recipe exclusively for a year now. I don’t brush it during smoking because it came out too sweet for us but it produces a superb product. I have multiple pound vacuum sealed in the freezer.

    My only question is that I get albumin leakage every time. I air dry with a fan for three hours and set my Bradley to 120 degrees, which is as low as it goes. Any thoughts on how to deal with this?

  16. Coco in the Kitchen

    I’ve got the handheld smoker tops on my wish-list.
    Is it good enough to smoke 1lb of salmon or just a new-fangled toy for foodies?

  17. Scott

    This is a great article! I learned a lot reading this. I am new to smoking, and I have made this recipe a handful of times now, and I think I have it down, with the idiosyncrasies of my low-tech smoker. Got some smokin’ right now! Thanks!!

  18. Bill

    My neighbor is a seasoned smoker. Yes, pun intended. Boo
    He uses some kind of pickling seasoning and it is delicious. He has stated his recipe is top secret, book of presidents, type secret. Any idea what type of pickling spice might be used?
    Out of all of the recipes I’ve used so far, this is the simplest AND tastiest, thanks for the tips Hank! You’re article was VERY informative and detailed. I learned quite a bit from it.
    Thanks again!

  19. Whit

    Surfing the web for a smoked salmon recipe? Look no more, this is the recipe! My friend put me on to Hank’s recipe last summer. This is hands down the best smoked salmon I’ve produced. I’ve smoked about 40 lbs of salmon using this recipe and it has all turned out great! I find the smaller I cut the salmon pieces the better. I never write online reviews but this recipe was good enough for me to take the time and let people know – try it! You’ll love it!

  20. Fiberarm

    Working on the last couple of hours of smoking. So far everything looks great. I smoked some Ling Cod the other day before coming across this recipe and it had a bitter after taste. Thinking too much apple wood smoke. Anyway this is Steelhead and using alder/hickory.

  21. Fiberarm

    Opening up all the vents and letting the smoke roll through.

  22. Larry Marszowski

    Sounds like a real gpod fish recipe. I wonder if it would be okay for pike?

  23. Robert

    the pickling season he claims to use is probably pickling/canning salt, common for brining

  24. Mike H

    Tried this recipe and wow! Got massive brownie points with the wife as (and I quote) “best salmon i’ve ever had!”. Thanks very much Hunter Angler Gardener Cook!

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