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207 responses to “How to Smoke Salmon”

  1. Paul Demelo

    Just did up a batch of fraser river caught sockeye up here in B.C. with your recipe followed to a tee… All i can say is thank you for such an excellent way to smoke using basic ingredients with a fantastic result that has my whole family begging for more . Awesome job Hank , this is now my ‘go to’ recipe whenever the Bradleys gettin fired up for another batch of ‘candy’ as the kids call it !

  2. Aaron

    I ran this last season, and it came out great – so thank you! This year I was thinking I might swap honey (from my hives) for the syrup, and am wondering if I should water it down about 1:1 or use it straight? Any thoughts?


  3. chip

    hello hank I used your method and recipe on king and coho and I loved it however the wife thought to much smoke and I am working on that. Could you please answer a question for me? How long will salmon keep refridgerated after brined for 30 hours?

  4. Joe

    My first try was over the summer and it was amazing. I even used farm raised salmon and it was fantastic! I also subbed in coconut nectar for the maple to cut down on sugar/calories. The last thing I changed was my temperature for the last 20 minutes or so. I was at about 120ish and I wanted to spring the temp up to 140ish… I lit the gas and got distracted… the temp shot up to 300-350 for that last 20 minutes and I got very worried (temp was good the entire rest of the time). Turns out, it actually came out great. I do not kid around when I say that people were eating the salmon skin… like it was chicken skin. When I tried it I realized there was no off setting flavor at all… THANKS SO MUCH!!! Family Christmas dinner is next for this recipe!

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