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219 responses to “How to Smoke Salmon”

  1. Joe

    Hank, used your recipe numerous times. I love the details you offer for the preparation of the salmon…very important to get great results. One spin I made on your recipe is using Agave Nectar as a substitute for the syrup (same amount). Folks love it. Thanks for posting your recipe.

  2. Larry

    Hate to sound repetitive after all the other comments, but this recipe is tremendous. I smoked about 10 lbs. of Sockeye last year using this recipes and it was delicious. Thanks for the great job. The smoked salmon salad sandwiches are AWESOME!

  3. Kerri

    My very first time ever smoking. I followed your advice & recipe. I brined the salmon, skinless for 14 hours. Rinsed off and dried realllly well. Let it sit in refrigerator for 2 1/2 hours. Put in smoker at about 195 for 2 1/2 hours took it out immediately. Let it sit in house for 1 hour & it was perfect! I love it, and I have never ever liked any kind of Salmon smoked,steamed or grilled no way!

    Thanks for a great piece of information. No ambulin? At all.

  4. Kathy Belson-Fox

    I’ve been smoking Salmon, SteelHead and Lake Trout for many many years. I am about to put my weekend catch into the smoker in a few minutes. I read your instructions and noticed you left out “Rinsing” your fish in Cold Water after you remove it from the brine. I’m wondering if you get the same pellicle results without the rinsing? I always have rinsed my filets under cold running water for several minutes thinking that was the only way to get that shiny pellicle.

  5. Brenda

    Thank you so much for your step-by-step guide. This was my first time smoking so I followed the same process for my rainbow trout, coho and king salmon between two smokers. All turned out great using your recipe and a cherry wood! It was a bit of a challenge to bring the temperature up gradually, as I’m using a non-digital smoker, so I did end up with a little “bleed” on the fish in the beginning, but was able to baste most of it away. My cook time ended up being slightly less at 5 hours total.

  6. Michelle

    I just smoked a salmon today in a charcoal smoker using your instructions and that was the best salmon I have ever eaten. I will share this on face book. THANK YOU :)

  7. Mike W.

    This recipe is AWESOME!!!!! I don’t own a smoker so I did it with my gas Weber. I bought a smoker box, alder wood, Apple and pecan. I got the wood chips smoking turned the one burner to low and slow smoked for 3.5hrs. Wow!!! Thanks Hank for the great details you give. You gave me the confidence to try it on the BBQ.

  8. Perry

    If you have alder growing in your area you can cut long mostly straight sections and then use a chop saw to imitate the Bradley pucks. You have to be a little careful picking size and shape to avoid feeding issues but with a little practice its really quite easy to make your own pucks.

  9. Jack Focose

    I have always washed off after brine, I’ll try not washing on my next batch..
    The reds this year r not as thick as usual. 6 hrs seems like a long time.can I cut it back to 3 hours?

  10. LaVern Schrock

    I like your recipe I use one very similar to yoursI’ve been smoking salmon not nearly as long as you but it is fabulous I take three days to make mine I smoke for 10 to 12 hours on a big green egg at the same temperature that you recommend

  11. Charlie

    Followed recipe to a T….including the Diamond Crystal kosher salt. Brined the sockeye pieces overnight in a plastic container. Followed instructions to get the pellicle, smoked them, etc. Fish is way too salty… at the brink of inedible because of the saltiness. Any idea where I screwed up? Going to try again this weekend using 1/2 the recommended amount of salt.

  12. Cathy B

    I have a couple pieces of king salmon and a couple pieces of sockeye. How can you tell if they are cured or need more time in the cure? Mine have been in for 24 hours but still feel soggy. Thanks

  13. Michelle Godwin

    I am going to try this for the first time on my Treager. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Doing some pretty good size pieces. My husband goes fishing in Seattle and brings home this lovely fish. I have a boat load of it so thought I’d give smoking a try since both of us love it and it is sooo expensive at the grocery stores. (27.99 lb.) Don’t like Soggy texture either so I want this to be on the dry side. Here I go…..

  14. Ron Herder

    I have some pinks I want to smoke. I was thinking of using honey instead of maple syrup. What do you think? Thanks.

  15. Andrew Grossman

    I just used this recipe for fresh caught King Salmon and Lake Trout. Never smoked anything before, this recipe was on the mark. Everything came out just great. Thanks very much.

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