Nordic Goose Soup

Goose soup, Nordic style... sorta. A clean, bright goose soup with Nordic ingredients, but made in the style of Vietnamese pho. It's awesome.

Salmon Dip

This is actually a salmon mousse, but that sounds a too frou-frou. Really it's an easy, smooth salmon dip that uses fresh and smoked salmon. Great on crackers for parties.

Snow in Winter

Winter is a dark time, short days, cold weather. So I thought I'd make a dish that revels in this, something dark and brooding... and delicious. I present to you, Snow in Winter.

Nordic Fish Chowder

A Scandinavian take on fish chowder, this recipe uses a variety of fish and seafood, although any firm fish will work, along with a cool, optional ingredient: whey. Whey adds a bright tartness to the broth. This is such a great soup you'll want to give it a go.

Pike Dumplings in Broth

Pike dumplings, or quenelles, to be exact, are an ancient preparation for the bony fish, but any fish will work here. These are light as air and are perfect floating in a clear broth - in this case, a wild mushroom broth.

Beer Sauce with Duck

Duck breast. Beer. Wild berries. What's not to love? This is an original recipe very, very loosely inspired by an Icelandic dish that uses beer and malt (or beer) vinegar as the main component in the sauce. It's one of the first times I've used beer this way, and it won't be the last.

Venison Tenderloin with Blueberry Sauce

Pairing venison with fruit is an age-old thing, and blueberry or huckleberries are a particularly good match. This recipe is an Icelandic version that is not sweet at all. The blueberries are balanced with mushrooms and wine to make a really classy yet easy dish.

Cucumber Sauce for Salmon

If you've never paired salmon with cucumbers, you are missing out. It's a surprisingly natural combination, and since both are in season now, I thought I'd put them together in a pretty little date-night dish.

Venison Tartare

Beef or venison tartare is the "trust fall" of the culinary world: Raw meat and a raw egg yolk. If your ingredients are not impeccable, things can go very, very wrong. But done right, this is at once a primal and exciting little appetizer.

Swedish Salmon with Peas and Vattlingon

Behold, one of the most vividly beautiful recipes I've made in a long time. Salmon Swedish style, with vattlingon. It screams Christmas, right? Wrong. This dish can only be made in springtime. Read more to find out why...

Salmon Tartare

I always order salmon at sushi restaurants, but I am no sushi master so at home I stick to easier preparations, like salmon tartare, which, if you've never heard of it, is chopped raw salmon. My version has a Northern European flair to it, with dill and a special pumpkinseed oil the Austrians use a lot.

Swedish Crawfish Salad

If there is a group that eats more crayfish than the Louisianans, it's the Scandinavians. August is all about crayfish (or crawfish or crawdads) in Sweden and Finland, and this light salad is perfect for long summer evenings.