Yellow Pea Soup

Artsoppa, Swedish pea soup, is the most famous yellow pea soup recipe, although variations exist all over Scandinavia. This is a hearty winter meal.

Lingonberry Sauce

Making lingonberry sauce is easy: It's just lingonberries and sugar - and time. Sugared lingonberries are a versatile Scandinavian condiment.

Pike Balls with Dill Cream Sauce

A classic pike recipe from Scandinavia, these pike balls are easy to make and get around all those bones. It's a fun appetizer or easy meal. Other fish work well, too.

Swedish Breakfast Sausage

How to make stångkorv, a Swedish sausage that has barley in it. This sausage is fermented, so it gets tangy. and is great for breakfast.

Lihapiirakka, Finnish Meat Pies

A recipe for lihapiirakka, Finnish meat pies made with a yeasted bread dough then fried. You can fill them with anything from beef to grouse.

Scandinavian Grouse Soup

If you like a good chicken soup, you will love this grouse soup, made with a rich grouse broth, root…

Norwegian Meatballs

Kjøttkaker, Norwegian meatballs, made with venison. As the name suggests, these are a bit more like meat cakes than balls. They are made of awesome.

Pan Roasted Ptarmigan or Grouse

A simple recipe for pan-roasted ptarmigan -- or any other small game bird. This method works in a frying pan, either in camp or a kitchen.

Swedish Potato Dumplings

Swedish potato dumplings, kroppkakor, filled with ptarmigan and fried in butter, then served with caramelized onions and lingonberries.

Nettle Soup

A recipe for Scandinavian nettle soup; basically a nettle bisque. This recipe is based on Swedish nasselsoppa, and can be made with any vivid spring green.

Pike Soup

Northern pike make an excellent soup fish, as they are lean, white and firm -- and, when you fillet them, you often get odd-shaped pieces that work well cut into soup bits. This is my take on Northern pike soup, done Manitoba style.

Icelandic Salmon Soup

A Nordic take on salmon soup. Chunks of salmon or trout, served with potatoes, cream, dill and, if you have it, whey.