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12 responses to “Slow Roasted Duck”

  1. Lou

    Yup. Cook all of my ducks this way. 🙂

  2. Coco in the Kitchen

    I had duck for the first time since I remember last night and thought about what you said about the difference between store-bought and wild-caught duck, how it’s apparent just in the colour of the meat. I felt a bit guilty, but found comfort in the fact that this was a small chichi-foofoo restaurant known to stock ingredients fresh daily.

  3. Chad Low

    I did a ton of ducks this way this last season. It was so easy and so good that I just couldn’t get tired of it. I would pluck a limit and pick out 1-2 of the very finest specimens for roasting – meaning least shot up with the most and the whitest fat.

    Most of the time I used 1 fresh sprig of each of those 4 herbs with a lemon. That combo of those flavors with the kosher salt and the duck was fantastic. I did try an orange on my last go and it was good, too.

    I was doing 300 for 45, then 500 for 10 (I even discovered that my oven went over 500 and did one for 10 min at 510!). Usually mallards, but I did do a pair of pintails as well. My breast meat was coming out about medium. The legs and wings were a little on the tough side, but still awesome. Yeah, I’m a leg-man.

    My favorite part though is scavenging the carcass for all the little leftover niblets and pockets of meat that most folks will never know exist!

  4. darren

    anybody stuff their birds?

    my very old-time hunting partner stuffs his with fully cooked wild rice, onions, and lemon. he also slathes the bird in butter first, BUT he grills his on the BBQ

    my gunsmith swears by white bread soaked in red wine and oranges!!

  5. Clare

    Oh my… this looks so delicious. I’m going to practice making this so I can impress my guests the next time we have company.

  6. Scott

    I’m wondering how this would work if I roast them this way the night before, and heat them up before serving?

  7. Mark Harrison

    Doing this weekend with my mallards and bourbon and maple syrup gravy.

  8. Pen Gwin

    I’ve got a need to save as much duck fat as possible while keeping the meat as under done as I can which usually ends up medium rare. I’m going to try to have it both ways by filleting all the meat off the carcass resulting in two half ducks that can lay flat. I’m going to score the skin and then take a heat gun (it goes from 500 on low toover 1,000 deg. on the high setting) and crisp the skin to get the fat out hopefully leaving the meat uncooked to a large extent. On the barbi for a minute meat side down and rest it. WAAAY more trouble I think than any other method but if it works I’ll have the best of all worlds. A cup of fat, crispy skin and rare meat. We’ll see.

  9. Pen Gwin

    OK, I tried it. I had two boneless Pintail halves and two Shoveler. I tried the heat gun on one Shoveler half and it took 10 minutes on low to get most of the breast fat off holding the gun and directing the air…too long. The fat pintails would take 1/2 hour each half because you could only use the low setting. The high was too hot and burned the skin.
    Back to the old method of low heat skin side down with the legs and thighs cooked separately in the rendered fat. I use a s.s. pot’s weight to press down on the breasts when they were rendering and again when the meat side cooked when I turned them. I got perfect rare for me and medium rare “HER.”

  10. Pen Gwin

    Pen: Huh? That is nothing at all like this recipe.

    Well it sort of is. It uses a duck. But you’re right. My only excuse is I started on the recipe to render the fat from the duck skin and moved to this recipe but I should have put my attempt at a different way to render the fat back on the other recipes site. Feel free to move it there or to another place you feel is more appropriate or delete it if you find it all inappropriate. I just thought I’d try a completely different way to render the skin’s fat and still end up with as rare a piece of meat as you can stand. The heat gun didn’t work but the other method did and gave a very rare breast.

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