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17 responses to “Crispy Fish Skin Chicharrons”

  1. Jennifer

    Any reason this wouldn’t work with catfish skins? I live near the Red River (of the North) and we’ve got great channel-cat fishing up here.

  2. James Rancourt

    Hey Hank,

    You never cease to amaze me. 🙂

    Now, I’ve been fishing for over 60 years and love the fried skin and tails of pan-fried trout and I also love chicharrons; just never realized the concept as being transferable. Thank you enlightening me on this, and for your many great and delicious recipes.

    Hopefully, we can get together next year and do some trout fishing on the Deerfield River. After which, we can swap and demonstrate recipes and techniques for preparing and enjoying the Rainbows, Browns and, very probably, Tiger Trout. The Tigers are fun to catch as they fight like the dickens, but are not as tasty as the Rainbows. However, with your expertise, I’m sure you can turn them into ambrosia. 😀


  3. Denise Delgado

    Love them all! They have great salmon skin hand rolls at both Blue Nami and Mikuni. I favor the Blue. Like your salmon egg header. Thx!

  4. Ralph

    I cook my wild salmon on the grill and always have been removing the skin, cooking it thoroughly and giving them as treats to our dogs (and boy do they love it); well no more of that, they can go catch their own fish!

  5. Ricardo Rodríguez

    Great article!

    Here fish chicharrones are made usually from catán,aka. pejelagarto, known to you as gars. Some are made from carps too.

  6. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I eat broiled salmon skin every SINGLE NIGHT. I cannot get enough. It’s so flipping AMAZING! No words. No words can describe the deliciousness!

  7. clutchngrab

    Wow – what a perfect backing for rich stuff like quail egg and salmon roe with maybe some spicy green. Damn I’m creating that.

  8. Jeff @

    Fish chicharrons are an excellent idea and they look very delicious. I can’t wait to try making some.

  9. Mike

    Better eat ’em while you can… Probably not however. Be very afraid!

  10. John

    So would this work with bonethead shark from the east coast? We catch lots of them each year and the meat is great. I just have a hard time believing that sandpaper could be made edible by 5 minutes of boiling (but if anyone could do it, it would be you, Hank).

  11. Eve imagine

    I live up the street from Kru and when I’m not eating these, I’m dreaming about and obsessively craving them. Just had a massive side of them for happy hour today and I can’t stop thinking about them. I was googling fried fish skin and just landed here…

  12. Nina

    I have been asking local grocery store for skin of salmon. Amazingly, people pay for their salmon and then ask for the skin to be taken off. They don’t even cook the salmon with the skin on (then toss it) to keep it moister! They have been giving me the skin for free. I put in oven at 170 for about 4 hours. No boiling to remove lovely salmon. Then I drop in deep fryer for about 4 mins. No batter. Then I sprinkle with chili salt. I brought the fish guy some. He said it was better than pork chicharon…and he’s Mexican!

  13. ChristineLuz

    can this be done on cream dory skin?

  14. Sarah

    Oops!ase these in two toaster last night, turned the heat off, and then forgot to move them to the fridge. Perfectly crispy but they were left out for about 12 hours. Safe to eat or need to chuck?

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