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12 responses to “Pheasant Buffalo Wings”

  1. Steve


    Thanks for the pheasant reminder. Our high school ag farm raised them a few years ago and I thought I’d like to try some. The MacFarlane Farms seems like a good way to start until I start hunting.

  2. Kevin

    What a great idea! I would have never thought of that, but I’ll be giving it a try if I can shoot straight. Makes me even more excited for our opener.

  3. Matt

    This is a great idea. Thank you for publishing it. I wouldn’t normally use the wings or legs anyway so this is a unique option. In your photo it appears you use the legs, but you don’t mention it in the description. Do you use them as well, and prepare them the same as the wings? I was also offered some wild pheasant frozen since last fall, from a friend whose family doesn’t like it. Any thoughts on the best way to prepare it? I am pretty certain they were not hung, and know they were skinned. Thanks.

  4. Matt

    They are skinned, whole wild

  5. Doug K

    now that’s a good idea.. my son shoots most of the pheasants when I take him hunting, and he likes buffalo wings, this will make him very happy..

    I usually simmer the legs for an hour or two with some ‘erbs and spices, then poach the breasts in the resulting stock. Pull the meat from the bones of the legs, saute with onions and mushrooms, reduce the stock and add. My fussy-eating sons like this. Finding a use for the wings as well is excellent.

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  7. Jordan

    Will this work for pheasant breasts too

  8. Neal

    Would legs/thighs work for this application? Besides the additional tendons in legs/thighs, I imagine these would come out similarly to wings.

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