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8 responses to “Roast Hungarian Partridge”

  1. Andrew

    Best way to hunt partridge is to drive down a dirt road really, really fast and get the flock underneath the truck’s belly — you’ll get five in one shot easy!

    Only half kidding.

    Best way we hunted them in Alberta was one shell of #7, one of #5, and one of #2 or BB to carry a farther shot.

    They sure are tasty.

  2. Todd Baier

    Hunt them with good pointing dogs, when the dog points move quickly and keep your mouth shut and pick out one bird on the flush. Try to get this all done in September before they get too smart. It cracks me up that our limit is 8 birds. I think the most I have ever taken in a day is 4. I imagine that I could take a limit, but I just don’t have the heart to push a single covey that much. The most rewarding thing about hunting huns is returning year after year to find the same coveys in the same areas. It’s like running into old friends every September. I love to hunt huns!

  3. Mike Spies

    The grey partridge (Hun) is a terrific game bird… my favorite. The dogs love to hunt them, they are challenging to find and bring to bag, and awesome on the table.

    If you cook the legs separately from the breasts and serve slightly rare you won’t have dry stringy legs meat. FOr a classic French partridge dish try partridge and peas. These birds would also do well in a cassoulet.

  4. matt

    LOVE partridge. Not sure if the ones I ate back in the UK were Hungarian or not, but they sure were tasty.

    Adore the shot that Holly took of the final dish. Simple, clean, perfectly lit and plated. One of my favorite shots I have seen all month, anywhere!

  5. Libby

    I love partridge, but no one in our family hunts anymore and it’s impossible to find at a market. Great stuff on your blog here. -Libby

  6. John

    I went to college embarrassingly long ago in prime Hun country: Washington State University in the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse. Used to hunt a lot before class, and had a steady trickle of Huns to eat. Rubbed them with butter, put a spoonful of sage and a quarter apple inside, put a good splash of white wine in the pan, and slid ’em into the oven. Wow!

  7. Jessica

    Fantastic recipe! The sauce is a game-changer! Make sure to use a good quality bacon and yours will be great! We added creamy Brussel sprouts as a side which was wonderful. Partridge has such a wonderful, full flavor and this recipe takes advantage of that great partridge flavor. Loved it! Thanks!

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