Big News, Big Changes

If you haven't heard, I have moved from California to Minnesota, with all that entails.

Sierra Spring

Wild ingredients can link you to time and place on a plate in ways far stronger than supermarket food. Here's one example of doing exactly that.

You Can Go Home Again

An inability to travel far and wide can lead you to focus on familiar spaces, to recall old memories - and create new ones.

Dinner for Two

As the national quarantine drags on, it's the little things that keep us going. Like cooking for someone you love.

Support the Volunteers

How to deal with volunteer plants in your garden. Some you celebrate, some you eradicate. Some just live their own lives, quietly.

Time and Place on a Plate

How to really dig deep into an experience you've had hunting, fishing or foraging and celebrate it as a meal.

Stretching in Place

With everyone hunkering down and staying in place, this is a great time to start kitchen projects, from meat curing to fermentation.

Black Mood, Red Sauce

Many of us have something simple to cook when we feel down. For me, that's an old school spaghetti sauce. And I'm pretty down right now.

Boom Chachalaca!

Hunting chachalaca birds in Texas is not easy, but the rewards are sweet if you come home with America's jungle grouse.

A Life in the Garden

A healthy garden becomes a haven in an otherwise frenetic world. There is a certain satisfaction to growing what you eat, and eating what you grow.