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16 responses to “Loukaniko: Traditional Greek Sausage”

  1. We Are Never Full

    This looks absolutely delicious. I can not wait to make sausages one day. We’re going to buy the attachments for our kitchen aid as soon as we save a bit. I HAVE to remember this recipe. I love the play on flavors here.

  2. Sam Sotiropoulos

    Ah, Hank you have outdone yourself with this one! Loukaniko is one of my all-time faves… I am certain it was awesome! I will be making some myself, later this year. I still have a couple links left which I am hoping to cook in the next few weeks. My mother used to cut the loukaniko into slices about 1/4 inch thick and fry these up in some olive oil, then sprinkle them with lemon juice and oregano… As a child, I could smell them cooking from down the street where I would play with my friends. Believe me, nothing got me to return home quicker!

  3. Ivy

    I am amazed that you make your own loukanika. I just wanted to tell you that each part of Greece has its own version. The orange zest is from the region of Peloponese and since my in-laws live in Sparta we eat a lot of them. The ones with the leek are from Northern Greece. In Cyprus they are cured in red wine, whole black peppercorns and then smoked.

  4. Audrey

    Pretty looking sausage up top there. I’m glad to hear you mention using a pinch of nitrate. Recently I called around to Seattle-area butchers looking for some for my own use. I found it interesting that half were unwilling to admit they used the stuff at all.

  5. Audrey

    Thanks for the recs, Hank. What I meant was that no one wants to admit to using nitrites or nitrates because they’re perceived as unnatural. (Botulism is natural, too, but in my mind it’s a big chance to take.)

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  7. Indy Greek

    Hank, Stumbled upon your website after googling a recipe for canning tomato sauce, and am in heaven!! As a Greek, hunter, and gardener I really appreciate your recipes…and so will my husband :). Thanks!!!

  8. Greg

    sounds like a great recipe.I`m going to try this with some of my venison;think it will “work”?

  9. Wheelchair Bob

    Looks like a fun recipe. I am planning to use it this weekend and smoke the links over Mesquite. I substituted a few ingredients due to cost but I think it will still turn out excelent once allowed to stand for a day or two before smoking. Lamb in Fla is hard to find and pretty expensive so I had to stretch that a bit to make it budget freindly , so my wife doesn’t neuter me for going to the store by myself unsupervised…..

  10. xristakis andreou

    retsina only good enough for cooking?
    you my friend are a philistine.

  11. Maria

    I’m Greek and my dad makes sausages. I found your recipe because someone told me that they liked greek sausages and I was surprised she even knew they existed. 😛

    I mostly wanted to comment on the retsina. I drank a lot of it as a teenager (we can drink before we’re 21 here) and at college because it’s dirt cheap. I grew to love it for that reason only. And I’m pretty sure it’s the same for most Greeks.

  12. ty

    Hi, I made this recipe and my sausages are very gray in color. not at all like the deep red in your picture. I used Venison and pork trim, and everything else to the letter of your recipe (except the orange peel). Any ideas? Love the site, Keep up the great work!

  13. Lisa Lagias

    Omg , I can eat these all day long!!! They are my favorite sausage. I like both the leek & orange ones the best.

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