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5 responses to “Grilled Fish Collars”

  1. Mad Dog

    In Spain, back in the old days, fishermen were very poor, so they sold the fish, but kept the throat and cheeks for themselves (those parts were almost worthless). These days, however, the throats and cheeks are considered to be a delicacy and go for a premium, way above the price of the fish itself!
    I love the idea of grilling the collars – I’ll have to try that 🙂

  2. Kate

    As usual a brilliant read. Thanks. This week it’s very timely as The Pink Cook has just had a guest chef in to do a sustainable seafood class.
    I’m all for encouraging people to use everything.

  3. Lynn Wilfert

    You don’t need large collars.Sockeye grilled is awesome. S & P or teriyaki or just smoke.Also try pickerel collars floured and deep fried(and the tails, of course) for crispy crunchy apples. We also flour and fry whitefish,rainbow and Dolly. Waste nothing , you worked hard and it is all good!

  4. Chris

    Agreed – the collars are the best part of the fish. Here on the west coast of Florida the shallow water groupers (gag, red, scamp) yield excellent product. The best however are the deep water varieties – yellowedge, Warsaw and kitty Mitchell. Don’t overlook the snapper collars either!

  5. Recoil Rob

    Last large striper I had (27#) was filleted and then the collars grilled, wonderful. But on a large fish don’t forget the head itself, split up the middle through the chin, opened and grilled, was another meal for two.

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