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6 responses to “Blackberry Syrup”

  1. Tom Warnock

    Hank – any idea if the syrup could be canned so it wouldn’t need refrigeration? I have limited storage room – especially in the fridge.

  2. David

    Could you substitute the sugar with Splenda?

  3. Sara

    We blackberry pick in the valley which is so hot that we rarely get berries as much as we get mush. I just run it through the food mill when I get home and make it into syrup or jelly. I never used a recipe but I like this pound for pound to make it easy.

  4. Steve Cross

    A couple of different ideas that I use after making a syrup with the leftover berries 1. Put the berries in clear alcohol and let steep for a couple of weeks or 2. Make a soft cheese like farmers adding the berries at the end.

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