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6 responses to “How to Cook Duck Breasts”

  1. Cheryl armstrong

    My husband Jeff fixed snow goose breast following these directions with the jazzy sauce from your book. We used apricot preserves for the sweet and rum for the spirits and it is one of the best three things we’ve ever eaten. Thanks

  2. Roy Harsch

    These undated instructions and photos should help anyone get the hang of your method much easier than the former ones. I need to get your cookbook. I have done goose breasts without their skin following your method and they have been good, not great like the ones with skin though. Really enjoy your comments and ideas. Unrelated to cooking ducks but do you ever cook a venison neck roast?

  3. Matthew Werner

    So what is the ideal finished temperature to aim for?

  4. Ashley

    We’re processing our first ducks. Do we need to reach a specific temperature for food safety? We will all be enjoying it, including our toddler and 7 year old. I have been searching for safe cooking temps for homestead raised ducks, but can’t seem to find much info. I always cook them medium, but wasn’t sure if that was high enough to kill any nasties. I appreciate your videos and recipes! Thank you!

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