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6 responses to “Venison Landjaeger”

  1. Ben

    These look incredible.

  2. Mitchell Muse

    Used this basic recipe and made some great venison summer sausage which I smoked for 8 hours. If you don’t like a lot of salt cut it by 20%.

  3. andre secco

    I made them this year for the first time using elk and pork belly trim. FANTASTIC !! I will make it every year now. I did not use any starter culture, instacure or sugar. I did not use water but instead put 2 cups dry white wine. Thanks for a great recipe.

  4. Tim

    I love Landjaegers. I struggle with finding the start culture. Which one would you recommend?

  5. Tim

    Sorry. I didn’t realize the recipe already had a starter link…

  6. Pottsy

    Hey Hank, knocked out a batch of these 10 days ago. Used sheep casings this time after using medium sized hog last year.

    Im aiming for a nice tight twiggy stick fishing snack. At only 10 days with the sheep casing some of the smaller links are ready to go!
    Cold smoked 3 hours with well seasoned apple.

    Also, I ordered F-RM-7 by accident so gave it a shot instead of T-SPX. The flavour profile is definitely different, but I reckon it suits the style nicely. Bit more tang in there and great color.

    Awesome recipe,kicks the crap out of all the commercial landjaeger I tried in Germany earlier this year!

    If anyones umming and ahhing about having a go at this.. just do it!


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