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3 responses to “Fennel Cookies”

  1. Mariachi

    My mom used to make something like these. I’m making them right now with the addition of 1 tbsp caraway seeds.

    (One egg left the dough too dry to form into anything, so I used two plus additional flour until the texture felt right. The egg carton claims they’re large but they didn’t look very large to me.)

    (Also, weight measures for highly compressible things like flour, brown sugar, etc. would be helpful. Like the Europeans do.)


  2. Fethiye

    Here is one from the Greek islands, without butter:

  3. Scott Keen

    When you mentioned that you toss them in your bag while you are foraging or fishing, I immediately knew what these cookies reminded me of – Tolkien’s Elven Lembas bread. This fall when I go hunting, I’ll have to remember this recipe.

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