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14 responses to “They Called Me Mr. Tibs”

  1. Keely W

    With such a short cook time I’m wondering what cut of meat would you use? A more tender steak? Kept med-rare overall?

  2. Wronknee

    Sounds to me as if it would be perfect with pork!

  3. Loretta

    I’ve got to make this since I have plenty of venison. I was taught to cook Ethiopian food by my Ethiopian neighbors in DE over 18 years ago, but I learned how to make Dora wat and injera. From that I played with my own ideas and whenever I visit them; they give me Berbers, miti miti & shiro. I also have the book, “Exotic Ethiopian Cooking” which I must have purchased in D.C. Thanks for the new idea, now I need to visit my old friends on next De visit.

  4. Amanda

    The (totally uncool) post-vegetarian just squealed: Wheeeee! Plotting goat.

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    […] They Called Me Mr. Tibs – Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: An interesting looking Ethiopian recipe for venison stir fry. If you’re the adventurous type, this looks well worth a try! […]

  6. Brendan V

    Okay, you link to recipes for niter kibbeh and berbere but you really, really need to post a good injera recipe. I have yet to find one that works. Do you have one? Please!

  7. afracooking

    I do not make Ethiopian food often as it usually involves endless hours of doing nothing by stirring in large pots. But a quick tibs I always enjoy. Usually I use beef or lamb, but I love the idea of using venision – I must give that a try. And as for an Injera recipe. I follow my mother’s recipe (and a good trick is to have sparkling water and/or baking powder close for should those “eyes” not appear) If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

  8. simon

    Hi, just made this for me and the kids. Have to say it was ridiclously hot. Way too much spice, almost inedible. I used berbere spice dried, maybe that was the problem, but I only used 1 tablespoon instead of the two recommended. If I do it again I would only use 1 teaspoon!!
    looking foward to trying a more modified version x

  9. Kelly Gramlow

    I’m experimenting with berbere I bought and threw it together with ground venison and made meatballs with some of the spice mix and made the tomato sauce to go with. My favorite restaurant when I was a teenager was a place in Minneapolis called odaa. I made my parents take me there every birthday and brought everyone I knew there. I miss their lamb and injera 20 years later and have recently been trying to find recipes to recreate some of those flavors. Are there any books or sites you would recommend?

  10. Barbar J

    Great post. I recently start making my own Ethiopian food using authentic Berbere and Shiro from I have to say I love the food and experience of cooking it.

  11. Faith Kramer

    Hi Hank
    Making this with lamb tonight. I make a lot of word, but this will be my first ribs and I was looking for a recipe I could trust in terms of authenticity and was relieved to find you had one.

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