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8 responses to “They Called Me Mr. Tibs”

  1. Keely W

    With such a short cook time I’m wondering what cut of meat would you use? A more tender steak? Kept med-rare overall?

  2. Wronknee

    Sounds to me as if it would be perfect with pork!

  3. Loretta

    I’ve got to make this since I have plenty of venison. I was taught to cook Ethiopian food by my Ethiopian neighbors in DE over 18 years ago, but I learned how to make Dora wat and injera. From that I played with my own ideas and whenever I visit them; they give me Berbers, miti miti & shiro. I also have the book, “Exotic Ethiopian Cooking” which I must have purchased in D.C. Thanks for the new idea, now I need to visit my old friends on next De visit.

  4. Amanda

    The (totally uncool) post-vegetarian just squealed: Wheeeee! Plotting goat.

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    […] They Called Me Mr. Tibs – Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: An interesting looking Ethiopian recipe for venison stir fry. If you’re the adventurous type, this looks well worth a try! […]

  6. Brendan V

    Okay, you link to recipes for niter kibbeh and berbere but you really, really need to post a good injera recipe. I have yet to find one that works. Do you have one? Please!

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