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15 responses to “Duck with Maple Bourbon Gravy”

  1. Emma

    In my mind i made a connection with this recipe and the new maple crown royal that just came out recently. hmm…

  2. chanman

    And like most Canadian whisky, Crown contains a lot of corn whisky too. I think Crown might even rely on it as their base whisky.

  3. Andrew

    As an aside, typically the cheaper the maple syrup, the more maple-y it tastes.

  4. mike

    Looks great! Now about that maple-bourbon BBQ sauce?

  5. Bill

    Not only am I jealous that your duck season lasts longer into winter, but you have candy caps as well. They just don’t seem to grow here in Montana. I guess we’re stuck with morels and boletes. Will have to try this recipe.

  6. Sarah G

    Lovely looking duck. I am adding bourbon a lot these days to all things, sweet and savoury. Great picture, BTW. And those look like some tasty mushrooms.

  7. LB @ Bullets And Biscuits

    This is the first year of my husband duck hunting and he brought home (3) mallards. Finding this post is perfect timing for me!! Especially with us being “meat and potato” people, haha. YUM!!

  8. Tom Dickson

    This gravy recipe is just another reason I love this blog. It is absolutely out of this world. Pour it over boiled raccoon. Dip a wood chip in it. Anything would taste good covered in this goo. Thanks again, Hank. You keep raising the bar. (By the way, all I had around the house was an Islay Scotch. So peaty, but melded with the maple syrup it gave the gravy a great deciduous/anaerobic/sphagnum moss undertone. And, as always, my Stormy Kromer is off to the talented Holly A. Heyser for luring us all in with her fabulous food styling and photography.

  9. Aaron T. Myers

    Hi Hank, two quick questions for you:

    1) Given that the instructions ultimately result in separating the breasts and cooking the legs further, is there any reason to roast the bird whole in the first place? Why not just remove the breasts and legs/thighs at the outset, and cook them separately from the carcass?

    2) Aside from the gravy, these instructions seem similar but not identical to your “Roast Wild Duck” recipe ( Why the differences? Thanks a lot!

  10. Andrew H

    I was curious, have you ever substituted sour cream for the heavy cream?

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  12. debra

    Oh My Gosh! What a fantastic recipie! We de-boned our ducks and I cooked them on a cookie sheet after smearing bacon grease on them with salt and pepper at 450 for about 2-3 min each side…
    We had a sauce taste fest — Cumberland Sauce and Chimichurri Sauce along with the Maple Bourbon Gravy. I was going to do the Chinese Wild Plum, but no plums available this time of year…
    I have just found your site and LOVE it!
    Thank You!!

  13. Sid

    No maple in Louisiana, so substituted 1/2 Steen’s cane syrup + 1/2 honey.
    Thanks, worked out good. Sid P.S. on pork, of all things.

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