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6 responses to “Wintergreen Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips”

  1. Erika

    For some reason I had thought that consuming wintergreen in large amounts was not a good idea. I never worried about it because the berries are few and far between as you mentioned, so I couldn’t eat enough to cause a problem. But your recipe looks yummy, and now I will ask for an ice cream maker for Christmas. 🙂

  2. Calvin

    That sounds and looks delicious. Wintergreen is a very attractive groundcover as a nursery plant, and tends to be fairly heavy fruiting in ‘captivity.’ It’s also a close relative to the Salal (Gaultheria shallon) that is so common up my way, another berry that folks tend to like, or not, with little middle ground. Any good recipes for salal berries?

  3. Tin

    I love wintergreen as a flavoring in ice cream; it used to be very popular here in PA, being marketed as teaberry ice cream, with the hideous pepto-bismol pink color. Recently it’s become harder to find, so a homemade version is a much better option (and no pepto-bismol pink!). I am curious about one thing in your recipe; normally I wouldn’t use regular cornstarch in a frozen preparation. I’ve always used modified cornstarch (Clear-jel or Therm-flo) in gravies and sauces I’m planning to freeze because it doesn’t break down when frozen. I assume, since your recipes are always spot-on, that the regular cornstarch presents no problem?

  4. Emma Cooper

    In the UK wintergreen is used in a pink antiseptic ointment called Germolene. Lots of families use it, and that’s why people associate the smell with a medicinal product and not food. I’m luckier – my mum preferred Savlon, which smells completely different 😉

  5. Coco in the Kitchen

    I love mint chip ice cream.
    My homemade ice cream turns rock hard no matter what I do. I have tried a dozen recipes. The only one that stays creamy is the heavy cream + sweet condensed milk, which isn’t the healthiest thing on the planet.

    Corn starch sounds perfect. I love that you nixed the eggs. The scoops look so creamy. This one’s a keeper. Thanks, Hank.

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