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67 responses to “How to Preserve Garlic”

  1. joan

    I tried this recipe last week and it was fabulous. We have been slopping the golden goop all over everything. Okay, not ice cream. I used honey from our own bees instead of sugar…perfect. Next we’ll spread it alongside olive tapanada on tomatoes…or cucumbers,…or turkey breast…or grits and sauteed mushrooms…

    The only problem I had with the method was that the garlic started turning to mush before it browned. It could be that the pan was too crowded, heat too low, or just plain wrong pan. At any rate, I continued with the recipe anyway and no one batted an eye at the texture. everyone loved it. But I would like to see that whole-clove look just like the picture.
    Next time, I think I will roast the garlic in the oven the way I often have, simply coated with olive oil and stirred once or twice. Then the other ingredients I’ll heat gently on the stove, pour it over the roasted garlic packed into the jars, and proceed as directed.

    Looking forward to it, as I can see that the jars I already made are not going to laast until next garlic harvest. Thanks for the recipe, Hank. It’s definitely a keeper.

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  3. joan

    So I got back to this recipe today, and did the garlic in the oven like I wrote last time. It turned out perfect. One problem: I only got 4 little half-pint jars, and that’s the end of the garlic harvest for me. The rest of the garlic will be stored for long term dried use.

  4. Rich Fletcher

    Trying this out now … smells fantastic :) Joan , mine kinda went a little mushy too , will be trying the roasted method next time myself. Will have to hit up a farmers market as I have used almost all the ones from my garlic.
    Thanks for the recipe !

  5. AmieR

    I’ve been lacto-fermenting our garlic, and it’s lasted all year long. Just dip into the fermentation vessel, get out the garlic and away you go. We also just fermented a mess of puréed garlic scapes and that works beautifully, too.

  6. joann

    I have pressure canned garlic cloves in half pint jars. They cook completely and turn into a wonderful dark amber spread. Once the jars are opened we have found they last quite well in the fridge. Its my go to for anything that is garlic.

  7. Ben

    So it’s not a problem to have the cloves not really submerged in the oil/vinegar liquid? Ok to have so much air in the jars? I had little liquid in each jar, less than half full on average (did a couple batches to fill my pressure canner). Consulted with canning friends and decided to top off with vinegar/water mix to leave about 1 inch of head but submerge garlic cloves. Hope that doesn’t throw off the flavor too much.

  8. Theo

    What do I do if I dont have a pressure canner?

  9. JP


  10. Sheri Goodwin

    I can not wait this is what I will be doing tomorrow. Love your site.

  11. Sarah

    I’ve been using and loving my All-American pressure canner for about a year. Just did this tonight with my crop of hardneck garlic. Oh wow!!!! Thanks for the recipe. Pretty sure I’m heading to the market to get more garlic :)

  12. Sarah

    The National Center for Home Food Preservation is a great source for canning – both pressure canning and water bath canning. This is my go-to website!!!!

  13. P

    This looks yummy. But I have just been reading about preserving peppers and things in oil and the increased risk of botulism. Would your recipe be considered safe by the USDA?

  14. Brendan Duesterhaus

    The pH needs to be below 4.7 to protect against botulism. Don’t skip the vinegar, lemon juice, citric acid, etc. called for in canning recipes.

  15. Christine

    I just bought a huge bag of garlic from Costco with no real plan in mind. I looked in my ball home preserving book and could only find roasted garlic jelly. Why is it such a challenge to find creative pressure canning recipes? Some place I read on the web that as home canners, we just don’t have the proper tools to safely pressure can all that we want to. I’ve been using mine for a year now, but have stuck pretty closely with tested pressure canning recipes – for chili beans and soup.

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