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17 responses to “Pickled Artichokes”

  1. yerba

    first time my plant made fruit this march. Recommend it with PURPLE OF ROMAGNA artichoke. Was like eating perfume. Who knew??? Wild thorny plant but worth every ouch. If you pick young you can eat every bit of it (minus spikes).

  2. chris brandow

    thanks, have a small pile from the garden yet to use. this is perfect.

  3. Lynn

    Just made these and they turned out great! After sampling yours in Bodega Bay, they’ve been on my brain. But not having a source for baby chokes, I had to hunt around to find some in good shape.

    Try as I may, rubbing with lemon then putting in acidulated water didn’t keep them from oxidizing on cut surfaces. Yours don’t have a trace- what’s your trick Hank?

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  5. Nora DeBenedetto

    Get outta here! You trimmed and prepped fifty baby artichokes in thirty minutes? Impressive.

  6. Jayne

    I made this recipe and it is so worth the work…but now, after about a month, I notice that some of the batch soaked up all the brine and there’s no apparent liquid in the jar. Do you know if these would still be safe to eat? The brine didn’t leave the jars (obviously), and the the jars are solidly sealed so I assume the acid is intact, but I”m nervous…

  7. Jos

    When you pickle artichokes can you eat the whole plant including the choke? Or do you need to remove it? (If the answer differs for baby and adult artichokes please let me know.)

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  9. mary

    Can I use a little less vinegar? I made these a few weeks ago and have found them a little too sour for my taste. I was looking in my canning book and most of the pickled vegetables had a brine of half water and half vinegar.

  10. Debbie

    Wow! These were truley THE BEST artichokes I’ve ever had. This was my first time making them but I’ve eaten many. None compare. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wendi

    So excited to find this recipe! I have 30 lbs of cleaned babies in front of me. They will be jarred today. I grew up with and love artichokes. If you need a reliable source, there are several farms in Castroville, CA. (EG Pezzini Farms). I pick mine up since I have family in that area, but they do ship. For $20, I got 30# of babies.

  12. Jan

    Thanks, Wendi; I picked some up yesterday in Moss Landing and I’m making this recipe tomorrow.

  13. Trevor

    The recipe looks great! I have an abundance of wild artichokes near my house and was wondering if this recipe would work for those as well. Thanks in advance

  14. Trevor

    Thanks for the reply Hank! I’ve been eating them like crazy and they are delicious. I literally have 500 harvestable cardoons within walking distance from my house and would love to preserve some for the off season. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it turns out.

  15. Trevor

    I canned 6 quarts last night and they taste amazing. The hearts were bigger than I expected and have a perfect texture. Just the right balance of sweet and acid. Thanks again for the recipe. I’m gonna put up another 20 quarts before it gets too hot. I think I need a bigger pantry…

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