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65 responses to “How to Cook a Duck Breast”

  1. Doreen Wickman

    I have skinned goose breasts and skinned legs. They are huge. We did not pluck them. The breasts are thick. What would be good recipes for these.

  2. Noah

    Last night I seared a couple of breasts from a nice mallard that I shot on Saturday. I served them with a Cumberland sauce. It turned my wife from an avowed non-duck eater (my fault) into a “this isn’t bad” duck eater. She didn’t like the skin because it was thicker than chicken skin, but she said that she’d eat them again. Thanks Hank! Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book.

  3. Wild Food: Seared Duck Breast. | Play Outdoors

    […] breasts from the ducks Matt got on Saturday, intending to sear them. I’d read the post at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook a couple days before on how to pan-sear […]

  4. Blake

    I tried a warm duck salad at a restraunt and want to make pan seared duck. I notice that they are prepared medium rare. Is this the standard? I know the wife and kids won’t go for the pink in the middle, can you cook them more?

  5. justin

    Shot my first wild wooduck yesterday. Breasted out the meat…..any suggestions on cooking? im a very experienced cook but inexperienced with duck…..

  6. Izabela

    Today’s lunch was duck breasts with apples and orange reduction sauce.
    I prepared the duck breasts according to your instructions – they were crisp on the skin side and nicely juicy.
    Thanks a lot Hank!

  7. Gavin Seward

    What type of sauce/gravy would go well with goose prepared like this?

  8. Mellisa

    My husband shot two bluebill diver ducks last Saturday. I cooked the breasts according to your recipe. Loved how they turned out. I had never cooked a duck or ate one before. I was surprised how much it tasted like a steak. Thank you so much for the instructions.

  9. John Wallace

    I thought the recipe was easy to follow. I will give it a shot tonight. Any recommendations for a sauce? I have lightly seasoned with seasoning salt, onion powder, garlic powder, Paprika, very small amount of Thyme. Thanks!

  10. Biev

    Thanks a lot for these very detailed instructions. It’s so disappointing to botch duck breasts.

  11. Ben Richey

    Thank you! I have been using this on salad and as a main dish. It tastes incredible, especially with the crisp skin.

  12. Duck Bigarade

    […] by Hank Shaw. Check out the original recipe on his blog here.  First, go here and review this tutorial on how to cook a duck breast. Trust me, it will make a difference.  2 lbs. duck breasts […]

  13. Jeff

    I tried the red curry dish last night and it was phenomenal!! Need more duck asap!

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