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10 responses to “Bacchus Biscuits: Greek Fennel Cookies”

  1. Peter

    I’m diggin’ all your Greek and Greek-inspired dishes Hank.

    Now, we just have to get you to drink some better Ouzo or even better…Tsipouro!

  2. garrett

    Best. Party. Ever.

  3. Sam Sotiropoulos

    Hank! Sorry to hear about your ankle, hope you heal quickly!

    I am pleased that you liked the name “Bacchus Biscuits” for the cookies, thanks for the kudos. I never doubted for a moment that your cookies would be a hit with or without a fancy shmansy name. :-)

    BTW, I just added a link to your blog to my list of “Blogs I Read” so I hope that’s ok with you…?


  4. Laurie Constantino

    The cookies sound absolutely wonderful, and unusual. I’ve never seen chickpea flour in Greece, and is rarely available up here, so it’s not something I’ve used much and don’t know much about its properties. I hope your leg gets better quickly, but better it happen after the party rather than before (always looking for that silver lining).

  5. Finspot

    My boy loves octopus. I’ll be trying the grilled babies soon—but maybe I won’t mention their age…

    You should probably nurse that ankle on the couch with some more ouzo.

  6. Phillip

    Hank, thanks for being such a wonderful host and a great cook as well! Kat and I are still going on about the awesome food and the great company!

    I missed the Bacchus biscuits, as I stayed pretty focused on the grill and smoker… well, and on the bar too. Everything I did sample was spectacular, though.

    Take care of the ankle. I understand you are supposed to be defending the grapes soon!

  7. genevelyn

    Did you use frozen octopus for your grill? How does frozen octopus do in these dishes? I am hesistent to buy it where I live because I have the feeling its been in the freezer since the Ice Age.

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